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Welcome to my classical guitar page, here you will find classical guitar tabs, some biographyes, multimedia Files, photograps, tablature explanation, Comments about classical pieces, Links and others. So enjoy! your stay here, I hope you find this page helps you with your studies, Remember you can make contributions, comments, and questions. Also please take a few seconds to sign my Guestbook!.

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Update on February 6th, 2003. I put a new tab, Aire Venezolano by Vicente Emilio Sojo. Thanks Jared for the contribution. Also I Update the Multimedia Section, put three real audio files, Allemande by Ludwing Van Beethoven, Aires Andinos by Gentil Montaņa (colombian composer) and Bianco Fiore (anonymous piece), hope enjoy!!.

I need someone to help me to find some sponsors for my page, I really need an entry to keep the guitar page. If anyone can help me out maybe we can get an agreement. Just email me ok.

I accept contributions, request and comments.

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Anonymous Pieces, Raúl Borges, Ludwing Van Beethoven, Agustin Barrios, J.S. Bach, Frederic Chopin, Johann Krieger, Antonio Lauro, Miguel Llobet, Steve Marsh, Luys de Narvaez, Pietro Paradais, Jhon Philip, Rodrigo Riera, Gasper Sanz, Vicente Emilio Sojo, Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega, Heitor Villalobos, Robert de Visee.

Multimedia Section

Multimedia Section, Songs in the Real Audio Format.

Composerīs Articles

Some articles by the famous guitarists.

Venezuelan Composers

Venezuelan composers biographyes, Learn something new about them.

Tablature Explanation

What is a Tablature? , Donīt know how to read tablatures?. What Tablature will not tell you?. Here you will find how executing tablatures, Explanation of effects, like Hammer On, Pull Off, Bends, Slides.

About me

Section about me.




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