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Northern Ireland Flag

Giants Causeway



(Ballymena Northern Ireland)

The purpose of this page is to provide a forum for the discussion of the history of the Scots Irish both in North America and in Northern Ireland. So if you would like to make a comment or ask a question please use my email address or guestbook below.

SCOTS IRISH are the decendants of the Scots who immigrated to Northern Ireland (flag shown above) mainly in the 1600's and then many moved on to the US in the 1700's.

IRISH are those who lived in Ireland and immigrated to the US mainly in the 1800's.

DID YOU KNOW? of the 40 million people who claim Irish Ancestory in the US - 30 million are of Scots-Irish descent and 10 million of Irish ancestory

The Scots Irish population in Northern Ireland today is much less than 1,000,000 - this shows how many left to find a new life in America and why almost every Scots Irish family has relations in the US and also New Zealand and Australia. The restless nature of the Scots Irish is even evident today as so many leave Northern Ireland to look for a future far away.

The influence of the Scots Irish on the formation of the US as we know it today is little known from Dunlap who printed the Declaration of Independence to Davy Crockett in the Wild West to Sam Huston in Texas and even to George Bush today. Their influence still stretches from the 18th century and through those men and women who left Scotland for a new life in Ireland.

The book "Gods Frontiersmen" by Rory Fitzpatrick (unfortunately out of print) gives a full account of the Scots Irish. How they came to be in Ireland,why they went to the US and what they did to create the US of today. See MORE HISTORY under links below for a summary. Also the SCOTS IRISH BOOKSHOP link below for other publications on the subject.


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Ulster Historical Society Scots Irish Bookshop(USA)


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Tourism and lots more More Tourism

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