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Hi Folks,
My name is Ashwani Dang. I am an MBA BANKING & FINANCE graduate at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I have made an effort to pool resouces in Business and Finance. Since I am majoring in finance the focus has been on the financial resources.
  • Portfolio of Projects during MBA at NTU
  • A Research Project on the usefulness of EBO Model for valuation of companies
  • Business Study Mission to Australia. - "Economic Policy and outlook for Australia"
  • My country India
  • Singapore: Asia Pacific hub for Finance services and IT.


    BUSINESS AND FINANCE LINKS: - WWOOWW: The most updated links in Business and Finance {OOPs :-( you found a bad link, just send me an email, I shall set it right. To err is human :-) }

  • Asean Crisis :Connects you to NYU stern which offers the world's most updated information on background, causes of the crisis. Includes first hand papers from Paul Krugman, Jeffery Sachs, IMF, World bank