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Demo Files for Wheels


Download & Setup Procedure:

1. There are 6 links below. Click on each one to download these 6 files.

2. After download, create 6 folders named disk1,disk2 to disk6 on your computer.

3. Of the downloaded files, first file is named as Unzip it in the folder "Disk1" on your computer.

4. Rest five files are .cab files, named,, &
4. These five files are to be placed one each in respective disk folders. e.g: place in disk2
4. folder, in "disk3" folder and so on. (These five files are not to be unzipped but only to be
4. copied to respective disk folders.Only should be unzipped.)

5. After this, go to "My computer", open disk1 folder and in this folder, double click on "setup.exe" file.

6. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Create a shortcut of Wheels.exe to the desktop for easily using the software after setup.

You may delete the folders disk1 to disk6 after setup is complete.


Thanks for trying "Wheels".

Contact us at in case of any difficulty.


Download Files -

Download Procedure Instructions to view later in Notepad.


Stock Plus New Year BLANK FOLDER exe.