Hi, my name is Chris Alwan and I live in Baltimore, MD with my wife Bethany and my son Carter.  You can check out links to pictures, cool web sites, my wife's web site and my resume to the right.  And read about us and our family below.
Chris Alwan
I have a pretty small family, starting with my wife and new son, Carter.  I have a mother and father obviously, but unlike most people these days, I only have one set.  I also have a brother and sister, that both have significant others and a new niece on the way!.  And finally there are my relatives in Florida, Nanny, Uncle Clark Griswold and crazy Aunt Donna.

I have only a few, but good friends.  As the great Lee Iacocca's father was quoted as saying ''..that when you die if you have 5 good friends you have had a great life".  I think I am pretty much in that area right now.  Check out some of the pictures of my friends and fellow goats.

My hobbies and interests include traveling, bowling, and going to see movies.  All of which have been pretty slow lately.  Check out some of my pictures from Jackson Hole, WY.  I hope to add some new ones soon from other trips.  I am a founding member of the Billygoats.  Yeah, it's pretty much a cult, but hey I'm no John Walker and won't be killing myself with Kool-Aid anytime soon.  We are just addicted to having fun, visiting and taking pictures of anything with goats, and most of us drink too much!
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