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I hope to make these pages full of content on my work , my family and interests along with the occasional "up on a soapbox" editorial on issues ( not nessarily political ) that interest me. The navigational links are at the bottom of the page. This page may not exactly fit the neighborhood but then it doesn't fit into any of them perfectly. Here's what this page is all about:
  1. AT WORKis about me, the company I work for and my profession, Records / Document management.
  2. AT HOMEis about my family and hobbies.
  3. AT SCHOOLis about what I'm doing in school.
  4. SCA is my primary hobby.
  5. FRONTDOOR brings you back here.
  6. TEST LAB ***WARNING**** this is my play area and can be hazardous to browsers. Currently it is not real active but Geocities doesn't want "hidden" pages, and I can't blame them.
Last updated 04/03/1997
I used to have a guest book and hit counter, (Lpage) but it was SO unreliable I took it off. I don't really worry about how often I get hits or who visits (Open door management style)....If you like what you see just e-mail me. Take a look around and come back soon.
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