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Harley's MSRPs Page

Buying a new Harley? Here are the 2008 Models and prices AS OF 2/16/2008.

Check these Harley-Davidson® MSRP's and compare them to what the dealer offers you. I don't suggest you'll get a better deal by knowing this but it can't hurt; other than your feelings when you find out how much over list you are getting soaked!

Here is an example of approximately what a 2008 Dynatm Super Glide® purchaced in Vivid Black delivered in California would cost 'out the door' if sold at MSRP:

Dyna Super Glide $11,995
CA Emissions (carb) 200
Freight 300
Dealer Setup ~650
CA State Tax (7.75%) 1,019
CA Doc Fee 50
CA License & Registration ~270
Total: ~$14,484

2008 Harley-Davidson® Models MSRP Table

Model Name
Vivid Black
Color Option
Custom Color Option
Wheel Option
ABS Option
Cruise Control Option
H-D Factory Security Option
CA Emissions
XL 883
Sportster® 883
$6,695 $6,975 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 883L
Sportster® 883 Low
$7,145 $7,425 n/a n/a $450 n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 883C
Sportster® 883 Custom®
$7,945 $8,225 $8,390 $8,590 n/a n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 1200R
Sportster® 1200 Roadster
$8,895 $9,175 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 1200L
Sportster® 1200 Low
$9,695 $9,975 $10,1851 $10,355 $450 n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 1200N
Sportster® 1200 Nightstertm
$9,695 n/a $10,185 n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
XL 1200L
Sportster® 1200 Low
$9,895 $10,175 $10,3851 $10,555 $450 n/a n/a $345 $100 $270
Dynatm Super Glide®
$11,995 $12,340 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Dynatm Super Glide® Custom
$12,995 $13,340 $13,6502 n/a $4503 n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Dynatm Street Bob®
$13,795 $14,140 $14,290 n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Dynatm Fat Bob®
$14,795 $15,140 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Dynatm Low Rider®
$14,995 $15,3400 $15,6504 $15,820 n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Dynatm Wide Glide® 105tm Anniversary Edition
n/a n/a $17,620 n/a STD n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Night Train®
$15,895 $16,240 n/a $550 n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Softail® Custom
$16,895 $17,240 $17,5506 $17,720 n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Fat Boy®
$17,195 $17,540 n/a7 $18,020 n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
$17,295 $17,640 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Softail® Deluxe
$17,445 $17,790 $18,1002 18,270 $4503 n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Heritage Softail® Classic
$17,9455 $18,290 $18,6002 $18,770 $450 n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Rockertm C
$19,495 $19,840 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $345 $200 $300
Screamin' Eagle® Softail® Springer®
n/a n/a $24,9955 n/a n/a n/a n/a STD $100 $300
Night Rodtm
$14,995 $15,300 n/a n/a n/a $795 n/a $345 $100 $300
Night Rodtm Special
n/a n/a $16,695 n/a n/a $795 n/a $345 $100 $300
$16,695 $17,000 $17,1651 $17,335 n/a $795 n/a $345 $100 $300
Electra Glide® Standard
$16,095 $16,525 n/a n/a n/a $795 $245 $345 $200 $345
Road King®
$17,595 $17,970 $18,325 n/a $450 $795 $245 $345 $200 $345
Road King® Classic
$17,945 $18,305 $18,5252 $18,625 $450 $795 STD $345 $200 $345
Road Glide®
$18,145 $18,595 $19,3258 n/a $450 $795 STD $345 $200 $345
Street Glidetm
$18,675 $19,125 n/a8 n/a $450 $795 $245 $345 $200 $345
Electra Glide® Classic
$18,695 $19,205 $19,615 n/a $450 $795 $245 $345 $200 $345
Ultra Classic® Electra Glide®
$20,695 $21,225 $21,6557 $21,855 $450 $795 $245 $345 $200 $345
Road King®
n/a n/a $29,2905 n/a n/a STD STD STD $100 $345
Screamin' Eagle® Ultra Classic Electra Glide®
n/a n/a $34,9955 n/a n/a STD STD STD $100 $345
* Prices listed are the Manufactures's Suggested Retail Prices for models as noted. Options such as color, wheels and fuel systems are available at additional cost. Prices exclude dealer setup, taxes, title and licensing and are subject to change. Dealer prices may vary. Above prices are quoted from H-D brochure part number 99361-08V.
1 $300 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
2 $670 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
4 $420 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
5 $495 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
6 $250 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
7 $1,615 more for 105th Anniversary paint scheme.
8 105th Anniversary paint scheme.

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Want to compare this year's prices to previous years MSRP's?

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Now that your appetite for a new bike has been whet by these low prices you're probably asking yourself, who sells at MSRP? Anyone near me? Click on this link to find the most current list of what I call MSRP Dealers.

This might interest you; especially if you are already a Softail® owner. I designed a very simple bike lift that you can build in about 30 minutes with basic hand tools and should cost you around $17.00! Click here for complete instructions on how to do it.

History of this page. I originally created this web page back in 1996 because I couldn't find Harley-Davidson's Manufacturer's Suggested List Prices (MSRP's) anywhere on the World Wide Web (This was looooong before Harley put up their website).

To initially obtain the data used to create this page I went down to my local dealership, picked up one of their small H-D new bike brochures and copied the MSRPs from it.

Getting the brochure wasn't easy! Some dealerships were very picky about giving them out because it listed the MSRP AND FOR YEARS DURING THE MID AND LATE 90's THEY DIDN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THEM BECAUSE THEY ADDED ON THEIR OWN HUGE MARKUPS! Fortunately I found a cooperative dealership.

Today its much easier to get this price information as more dealers are selling new Harleys right at MSRP. Some are actually discounting from MSRP in 2008 because of the general downturn in the economy. In fact, H-D actually had its first losing quarter since the early '90s! Also, they are now posted on H-D's factory website. But back in the mid-90's the factory couldn't build them fast enough for the demand so the markups were outrageous.

Since 1995, each year around July/August I repeat the same process so I can provide YOU a quick, easy to read, printable reference of current prices. (If you find this list anywhere else on the web, they probably copied my source code, haha!)

I vow to keep this information updated every year (as long as Yahoo continues to provide free web storage space, hehee). I'll also keep an archive of previous year's list pricing online for historical purposes.

I suggest you bookmark this location now and re-check it at the beginning of each August for Harley's new model year pricing.

Because I provide this page, one should not deduce that I sell Harley-Davidsons. I DO NOT SELL Harley-Davidsons NOR DO I KNOW THE CURRENT VALUE OF USED HARLEY-DAVIDSONS.

Feel free to email me any questions you might have about Harley's but DON'T ASK ME "How much is my old Harley worth? I want to sell it." Believe me, I don't have a clue other than, "Whatever the market will bear."

If you want to save a little money buying a new bike I've heard you must shop up to 500 miles away from where you live to get a price closest to MSRP. So, Good luck! and, Happy Hunting!.

I ride the 1995 Softail® Customtm pictured at the top of this page and a 1994 XLH 883/1200 Sportster®. I love 'em both! My average cruisin' miles on the Softail used to be 15,000 miles per year. Now after over 43 years of riding I've begun to slack off to under 2,000 miles per year. I continue to run local errands on the monster Sportster (rain or shine) but no matter which one I'm riding I still love being in the wind!

If you own a pre-2005 883 and are thinking of punching it out to 1200cc's, I've completely documented the process, cost, and outcome including road test and drag strip results from my 1994 XL. I did it a few years. The story can be viewed, or downloaded and used as a reference, by clicking here. I truly made a monster street bike out of my stock 883. The story tells you how you can too.

My riding background: I've been riding since Cushmans were popular and 4-dot "Oly" beer labels were a treasure to have in your wallet.

The Softail pictured above is my first Harley. Over the years I've had the opportunity to ride in Japan, Hawaii, Italy (You haven't ridden a motorcycle until you get a chance to ride in southern Italy!), Spain, and Greece.

Before you leave this page, please visit my friends in Italy for the best cappuccino you'll ever have.

Questions? Email me at (remove the 'X') or take my card and call me later!

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