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It's in Florida right now.



An explosion and screams ring out, it's pitch black and the ocean waves are bashing against the hull. "Abandone ship, all hands overboard", shouted the captain. This was the scene as the first submarine sunk by the US Coast Guard slowly sank to the bottom, 100 feet down. The U-352 slowly sinks to the bottom of the Graveyard of the Atlantic about 15 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

The U-352 can now be seen lying slightly on it's side, hatches open, and a live torpedo lodged under her. Visibility typically runs at 80 feet with water temperatures in the 80's as well during the summer.


A brisk wind blows and the sun shines in your face. Your standing atop a 5,000 foot mountain looking down a slope without s single ski track on it. WOW!

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The The Office Cam is being replaced by The Ft. Lauderdale Cam for awhile. Look and see if I am around or not.

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