Noam Chomsky

"I think that there are good things about these Internet communications. There are also aspects of them that concern and worry me. These are intuitive responses. I can't prove it. But my feeling is that people are not Martians, they are not robots, and that direct human contact, and I mean by that face-to-face contact, is an extremely important part of human life and existence and developing self-understanding and the growth of a healthy personality and so on. You just have a different relationship to some body when you are looking at them than when you're punching away at a keyboard and some symbols come back. Extending that form of abstract and remote relationship, instead of direct personal contact, I suspect that that's going to have unpleasant effects on what people are like. It will diminish people, I think."

Noam Chomsky, _Keeping the Rabble In Line_; April 11, 1994

Originally, this was just going to be a link to the main Chomsky home page(s) that were out there, however when I set out looking, the big one, The Noam Chomsky Archive, was down, and nothing else really came close, though Worldmedia (which has an HTML version of the 1993 Odonian Press book The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many and also a transcript of Chomsky and John Silber doing a "Crossfire" on Central American policy for Boston TV in 1986) claims they're putting a lot of his stuff online, so I decided to scour the net for other Chomsky texts. Perhaps the downtime of the CMU Andrew (yech) archive is what Bob Ross would describe as a "happy accident" because now instead of making a simple link to the main one off my home page, I created a whole page for just Chomsky! I didn't include any links for his linguistics stuff, or bibliographies, what I was/am after mostly was/are his political texts in electronic format.

This is Noam Chomsky himself's home page at MIT. Cool!

These are some articles Chomsky wrote for Z Magazine that are on LBBS: Is Democracy restored in Haiti? (11/94)
The Changing U.S Economy 1/2 (1/95)
The Changing U.S Economy 2/2 (2/95)

Here is an AUdio recording of Chomsky


There's even an newsgroup! And then there's (ugh) a gopher link to:

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