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The cyber-dynasty:

  • vick - second cousin twice removed, and all-round good scoot
  • Kipper OíHare - family fishmonger and a big lard fan
  • shweetie - beautiful bitchy phone-sex cousin. She's too busy to chat much anymore - she says hello, and then she has to go. I can't believe we were married.
  • pobie - family slut, and purveyor of really bad coffee
  • Marjan - Dutch bit of fluff, and a bit of a dark secret all round.
  • jenni - Ab fab cousin. A demanding role, but she carries it off well.

    A small but perfectly formed family!

    And a special happy clown shout-out to :

    She chats! She scans my pictures! She edits my homepage! She grows real hair! Mali

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    Now here are a couple of primo sub-pages that are highly worth checking out....

    How many economists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None. The invisible hand does it.
    Check out my

    collection of Economist jokes

    And also have a look at

    Happy Clown FAQ

    - everything you wanted to know about Ed the happy clown, but couldn't find the words to ask.

    Or be really daring and go to

    Henry's Homepage

    where you can learn all about the man behind the clown (ie my "real" homepage with all the boring stuff)

    Sometimes I feel like I canít even sing

    Thatís probably because Iím tone-deaf! Luckily, this man isnít - Paul Kelly , possibly the greatest singer-songwriter ever. Check out the link, then go buy some of his records. Just trust me on this one!


    "Have you heard about the new hand-dryers in the mens?" "I thought that was just a rumour!" If you like this show then play the Friends drinking game
    . Or download a Friends screen saver
    Or go here to hear Chandler talk about his third nipple

    "These pretzels are making me thirsty" Pretzels, Juju fruits, Junior Mints and Pez dispensers can be found at the Seinfeld Home Page Or try the Seinfeld drinking game (not as good)

    "Welease Woderick" Well, this isnít really much of a link I suppose, but there you have it.

    Happy Clown Magic Trick

    You will need: a computer mouse, a 10" by 6" piece of paper and a hammer, some chicken giblets.

    The trick: Place your mouse in the centre of the piece of paper. Fold the edges around it so it is completely covered. Raise the hammer high above your head, with the steel glinting in the setting sun, and then bring it down - wham! - with a vivid crunch - onto the piece of paper. Repeat two or three times. To the audience it will look as though the mouse has been completely destroyed. Next, strip yourself naked and rub the chicken giblets over yourself. Run out of your house and down your street singing "I am a little green goblin". From your cell, ask yourself why you ever listened to Ed the happy clown.

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words. And in my book, a 1000 words makes a story.
    So check out some

    Stories of Me

    (also known as Ed's excellent adventures)

    This is me throwing myself off a 85 foot bridge. Bungeeee!!!!
    This is me swimming with dolphins in the Milford Sound of New Zealand (I'm the little brown speck)
    This is me diving into a glacier-fed stream. Brrrrrr!
    This is me abseiling off a 60m waterfall - the Bridal Veil Falls at Raglan, in the North Island of New Zealand. I'm the one in yellow.
    This is me with my sister in a Munich beer-hall. I'm the one holding a whole litre of beer.
    Well, thanks for sticking around this long. As a reward you get to read my soap opera...

    Falclown Crest

    Background: OK, I haven't got around to writing this yet. But itís coming soon, I promise.

    Please don't email me. Unless you really want to.
    If you want to talk to me, this is as good a place as any to find me: The Noah-Net chat annex

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