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About The Maverick . . .

Hi, My real name is Melvin Lim and I was doing my MBA at Griffith University in sunny Queensland, Australia.

The weather there is, as the advertising slogan goes,"Beautiful one day, perfect the next!".

I am not kidding. . . the travel agencies actually have GUARANTEED holiday packages. That is, if your holiday is rained out, you get to go again, FREE! Now that is something isn't it?

Anyway, it is a lovely place and, having lived there for a couple of years, I am happy to call it my second home.

I have put up a couple of my research papers up here, pertaining to business and marketing issues, which was my specialisation. Hopefully, some head honcho will pick up on them and offer me a job! (Hey, can't blame me for putting in a blurb, right? After all, I can't be faulted for looking to improve my lot in life!)

Living back in Singapore now, I am looking for suitable opportunities. I am not adverse to travel and relocation.

If you want more info, do feel free to drop me a line. Also, check out some of my links which will be added to as and when I come across interesting sites. Also, check out my family pictures! I am really proud of my brood and if you are masochistically inclined, you can have a look.


Come back soon cos I am planning a major upgrade soon! Thanks for coming by!


Melvin "The Maverick" Lim

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