Principal Achievements:
1991: Developed Imaginet, among the world's first hyper linking systems.
1992: Constructed India's first Perception Recording System.
1993: Constructed India's first parallel port audio device.
1996: Constructed the NIITNetVarsity, among the world's first fully virtual Universities on the Internet.
2001: Developed one of its kind Viewer of highly compressed images in MrSid and ECW format.
2002: Implemented low cost Web Mapping and Fleet Tracking solution.
2004: Implemented RFID based File and Asset Tracking Solution.

Professional Summary:
16 years of extensive experience in programming and managing medium to large size on numerous R&D as well as Commercial projects in various technical and business domains. Good experience of understanding new upcoming technologies and business with ease. Experience to map technology to business requirements of clients from various continents and managing projects. Good experience of CMM and ISO Quality process definition and implementation.
Currently heading Meute Technologies. Helped various start-ups establish themselves in India. Provided consultancy to various government and private organisations on effective use of various technologies including NSIT (Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology), Delhi.

OS/Software/Languages/Technologies Windows NT, Windows 95, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroup, Linux, Unix, Internet, Broadband, Intranet, Extranet, Web Cast, Push and Pull technologies, Collaboration tools, HTML, DHTML, ASP, .NET, XML, XSL, WAP, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, MS Access, Oracle, MS SQL, WML, SOAP, EJB, Java, JSP, J2EE, J2ME and Active X, Visual Interdev, Active Documents, COM, DCOM, Orbix, VPN, VoIP, .net, GIS, Web Mapping, Video capture and web cast, Compressed Imagery like MrSid and ECW, GPS, LBS, SMS, Mobile Computing, GSM Modems, Tibco, MQSeries, RFID, Tracking technologies, eBusinees, eCommerce, eMarketPlaces, mCommerce, B2B and B2C strategies.

March 2002 - todate
Meute Technologies Pvt Ltd..(http://www.meute.com/), , Delhi, India

Heading Meute Technologies focusing on providing tracking solutions to clients along with software development services.

September 2000 - March 2002
Vice President (Technology)
RM Software India Pvt Ltd..(http://www.rmsi.com/), Noida India

Head Technology Group. Main Responsibilities at RMSI were Instigate and evaluate new research directions, Identify competency areas, Build Competencies in identified areas, Identify and Prepare demonstratable identified proof-of-concepts. Understanding customer requirements and working with project teams to define technical architecture.

April 1999 - August 2000
Design Manager
Resorsys India Pvt. Ltd.(http://www.resorsys.co.uk/), New Delhi India

Head Indian design center. Main responsibilities at Resorsys were to various aspects of setting up and managing all aspects of running technical center ranging from setting up processes to implementation of them in full software development life cycle.

December 1990- April 1999
Group Consultant
NIIT Ltd.(http://www.niit.com/)., New Delhi, India
HCL Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

Head, Systems Lab, R&D Center. Main responsibilities at NIIT were to understand new technologies and prepare demonstratable proof-of-concept applications using these technologies. Development and management of various software projects. Explored various broadband application and VoIP possibilities during one year stay in Singapore.

April. 1990 - Nov. 1990
Senior Programmer, Technology Division
United Database (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India.

Main responsibilities at UDI were software designing and development.

December 1987 - March. 1990
Senior Programmer, Technology Division,
United India Periodicals Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India

Main responsibilities at UIP were software designing and development.

Technical Experience
Communication/Internet/Mobile Computing/Middleware
Explored working of Middlewares like Tibco, MQSeries etc
Explored WebServices.
Implemented Payment Gateway options for selling off-the-shelf GIS data.
Managed various Interactive Intranet/Internet Websites for Resource Automation, Time Sheet & Client Extranet.
Worked on Secure Data Transfer over web.
Worked on SMS based applications.
Explored BinaryXML as an alternative to compressed XML.
Worked on WAP based applications.
Developed Browser Helper Objects
Developed Cybermall in Java having applications for Consumer, Shop and Transporter.
Worked on Security Proxy Server using SSLeay, Visual C
Implemented various video capture and web casting solutions
Created various Interactive Web Sites.
Developed MIS system to be used over Internet as an Extranet Application using Visual Interdev on IIS, MS SQL Server and Windows NT
Created a Internet Site in Atlanta, USA to host NIITNETVARSITY, web site, ftp site, chat site and mail server. This site is being used by NIIT to deliver Education on Demand over the Internet.
Enabled various clients to set up Communication link for MCI-mail and EDI Services through PDN and directly.
Written programs to capture and analyze data for Doordarshan Election Cell from NICNET.
GIS/LBS/Web Mapping/RFID/Tracking
Implemented LBS prototype for tracking fleet using GPS device over cellular network.
Worked on Viewer for highly compressed imagery with Vector overlay in VC++.
Worked on Location Based Services using Mobile Positioning Server (MPS) and Global Positioning System (GPS).
Implemented Web Catalogue for off-the-shelf GIS data with Web Mapping.
Implemented remote GIS data editing over Internet using Java.
Implemented Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System using GPS-GSM devices.
Implemented File Tracking Application using RFID.
Implemented Asset Tracking Application using RFID.
Worked on Generic User Interface for controller devices in VC++.
Developed "Elevator" a tool developed using Visual Basic to assist in the learning of Windows 95. Elevator is a very powerful tool that can be used both for self paced learning as well as instructor led training.
Implemented various video capture and web casting solutions
Developed S/W Package IMAGINET using Borland C to create non-sequential linkages for creating Multimedia Applications. Users of IMAGINET include NASA, the US Geological Survey amongst others. Used by several organizations for creating multimedia presentations.
Developed India's first multimedia Exhibition Information System using IMAGINET.
Developed India's first multimedia Operation Theater Information System using IMAGINET.
Developed Animation Builder for Mathematical Tutorial System for Publishing Innovations, USA using C++.
Developed MasterBlaster H/W and S/W Package to digitize and playback sound on PC.
Developed automated publishing packages for newspaper, columns and books using C++.
System integration to develop an Editorial Development System.
Written programs using GICL to control typesetter's PIP for output.
Developed a program to capture, categorize and combine news stories from teleprinter
Worked on HRIS in VB.
Developed Attendance Maintenance System COBOL.
Worked on Payroll, Accounting and Store Inventory Systems COBOL.
Developed Office Automation System.
Developed Personal System FoxPro for Windows.
Developed Help System.
Analog Device Interfaces
Developed Perception Recording System (PRS) H/W and S/W Package to record voluntary perception of audience. Used by NIS, India for evaluating Students Responses to road-plays
Developed Switch H/W and S/W Package to switch on/off devices through computer.

1990 1st Rank in National Standard Test in Programming Competence conducted by Computer Society of India .
1991 Award of Excellence by Priyadarshini Institute
1993 Award of Excellence by NIIT Ltd.
1996 Award of Excellence by NIIT Ltd.
1999 Elected Member of President club by NIIT Ltd.

1. `Virus ' . Published in Sunday Magazine of Patriot Jan.14,1990
2. `Networked Images: A new Educational tool'. Presented and Published in the proceedings of the International Conference on Education Technology-The future, All India Association for Education Technology, Nov. 1990.
3. `IMAGINET: An Associative, Non-Sequential, Multimedia Storage and Retrieval System' in International Conference on Multimedia Computer and Communication : Technology, Application and Enterprise, Nov. 1992 (INFOCOM '92)
4. `Virtual reality in India' published in the Computer Society of India's Annual Convention, Nov. 1995.
5. `Multimedia in India - Past, Present and Future' Presented and published in the IETE's International conference on Multimedia information system, Feb. 1996.
6. 'Data Warehouse: Different Alternatives' in ACRS 2001 : Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2001.
7. 'LBS, The Ingredients and The Alternatives' in The Asian GPS Conference 2001
8. 'Enhanced Security through GIS and GPS' in Map India 2002
9. 'Understanding RFID and its Impact On Industry' in AIDC Expo 2003
10. 'Organisational Tracking : A Case Study' in AIDC Expo 2003

Computer Society of India
Founder Member of Cyberspace Society of India
Founder Member of Multimedia Design Club
Consulting member for various subgroups for Security, Networking & others.

Diploma in Computer Programming
Priydarshini Institute, New Delhi, INDIA , 1987
Bachelor of .Science.(Physics, Math, Chemistry)
Delhi University, INDIA 1987

Professional Training:
Image Processing and its Applications, Apr 19-23, 1993
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, INDIA
Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Jul 19-21, 1995
NIIT Ltd, Delhi, INDIA
Internet Services over NICNET, Apr 26-28, 1995
National Informatics Centre, Delhi, INDIA
Java Programming for the Internet, Oct 7-11, 1996,
National Centre for Software Technology, Bombay, INDIA

Available on request.