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The last major change was on Tuesday, March 07, 2000 , when a ranked performance list of selected mutual funds was updated.

Financial Strategies

Ways to invest and to strive for higher returns

Fund Apportionment

This link takes you to a discussion of using total return values to apportion investment funds over several selected funds (or stocks).

Market Volatility

While the net asset value of a mutual fund or other nonfixed equity varies with market demand, the total volatility effect is dependent upon the prices at purchase and sale. The greater the volatility, the more pronounced the price change in response to market news or conditions. If one is committed to longer term investment in respect to the market cycles, there is less concern and overreaction to short term events. Some of these long-term cycles persist for several years. If there is a definite or specific need for part of the investment to be withdrawn in two years, that part should be set aside and not held in a volatile investment. Some common plans advocate a percentage in fixed funds or bonds as a function of years, without regard to need. Focus upon the time that the cash is needed instead. Don't sell during a temporary decline because you didn't plan ahead.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Periodic constant dollar amount investing ensures that more shares are bought when prices are low, and less shares are bought when prices are high. The average share price is then lower than the average of the highest and lowest prices. This technique is easily and automatically implemented with a periodic salary deposit plan. The inertia that often paralyzes investors is overcome by the automatic plan.

Market Range Strategies

In general, market timing doesn't work well. A sudden downturn can lead to a sellout followed by missing a fast rebound. Shares would then be repurchased at a level higher than desired. Buy and hold strategies work well for those of us who don't want to devote every waking moment to investment.

My Favorite Mutual Funds List