The Great Battles - An in-depth analysis of some of history's great battles with a primary focus on the medieval period through to the 17th century.
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Agincourt (1415)

An exhausted, sick and starving English army are faced by a confident foe outnumbering them four to one. Forced into battle and against all odds, they anihilate the French and slaughter the flower of French nobility.

Bannockburn (1314)
Fighting for independance under the leadership of Robert the Bruce, a ragged army of Scotsman stand before an English army many times their size. Outnumbered four to one, they attack and drive their enemies from the field.
Dunbar (1650)

"The Lord of Hosts!" rang out with the break of dawn. As the startled Scots dragged themselves from their slumber, Cromwell's New Model Army, outnumbered two to one, crashed into their positions. Within an hour, the Scots, so confident of victory the day before, were scattered and fleeing for their lives.

Hastings (1066)

The two greatest military leaders of their time face each other in battle; Duke William of Normandy and Harold Godwine of England. In this bloody clash, the fate of England is decided.

Trafalgar (1805)
Napoleon's naval Waterloo. The Royal Navy, under the command of Admiral Nelson corners the combined fleets of France and Spain. In the greatest battle between ships of sail, the French and Spanish are destroyed, along with Napoleon's hopes of invading England.

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