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New Year is the best time to customize your DRUG FREE WORKPLACE program to meet the adverse challenge that due diligence requires.

Why you need Drug Detection Dogs?

Most companies must maintain a Drug Free Work Place because of government contract requirements or because of routine high risk work situations. Have you experienced some of symptoms of work place drug use: a lowering of employee morale, increased employee theft, decreased productivity, increased absenteeism and higher work related injuries.Or HOMELAND SECURITY DOGS for bomb detection dogs

America is 5% of the worlds population yet cousums 65% of the worlds illegal drugs(D.E.A.)

Sixty-five percent of all work related accidents are the direct result of substance abuse(O.S.H.A.)

Nearly 67% of people entering the workplace have used drugs, 44% have used them in the past year(N.I.D.A.)

70% of drug users are employed and 35% of all cocaine users sell drugs to co-workers to support there habit.(D.E.A.)


Our lovable Labradors are the same cost effective method now in use by Industry and Governments world wide, These specially trained dogs can find the scent of Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine. Crack, and other illegal drugs.There is a psychological and physical deterrent from useing drugs to work, and the Inspection is less intrusive than some other alternatives. In most instances business find that there is a dramatic reduction in workman compensation claims where the workplace is a drug free zone.


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