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It's all about Continuous Improvement. What was great yesterday, is good today. Tomorrow, it will be okay. -EY

Everyone is welcome in my virtual home. Human Resource and other business professionals may refer to my page for articles and business references.

I am a successful technical recruiter with over ten years of proven accomplishments with Intel, AMD, and the high tech industry. I am currently a Staffing Research Manager for Juniper Networks. Also, I spent over four years as an officer for the HR Section of the Commonwealth Club of California.

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  • Larry Short and Associates, HR Consultant and expert specializing in compensation and solving business problems ("Paradigms for the 21st Century")
  • SHRM nationwide job listings for HR professionals
  • Electronic Recruiting Exchange
  • Electronic Recruiting News
  • FLAMEs Home - The official site for Former Loyal Advanced Micro Employees
  • Steven Yee/Information on Human Resources and Organizational Development

  • Jim Henry/Recruiter

  • HR Section/Commonwealth Club of California
  • HR Section/Commonwealth Club, Upcoming Events
  • About AMD Sledgehammer
  • Record sales of $1,092,029,000 and record net income of $189,349,000 for the quarter ended April 2, 2000
  • AMD News Room
  • Kristen Loomis (What is it with the PEZ?)
  • Kristen's G-Spot website, she is in trouble for finding the hidden pages!!!
  • RebelForce - a page representing the AMD Staffing Team from 1997 to 6/2000.
  • "Attention Plans" by Sue Jamieson (Cisco) and Irene Cuan (Synopsys), a guest article from Dr. John Sullivan's Retention List
  • Some links to favorite places for food and drinks
  • Best of Broadway in San Francisco
  • Site For Rent (Daphne will always be Mimi)
  • Mamma-Mia (made it's US debut in San Francisco, how can anyone not enjoy ABBA?)
  • This Space Between Us (one of those indie movies that doesn't get enough exposure from Hollywood, plus it has Vanessa!!!!)

  • Eric Yeung's Outdated Links for Recruiters :-(

  • Virtual Job Fair: Resumes from Westech. We have found some quality candidates from this site. Many hires from VJF. This one is a RECOMMEND!

  • Online Career Center Resume Database: 68K resumes as of 12/97. Available only to clients. Have hired good candidates from this site.

  • Espan Resume Database: Maintains 43K resumes in database. Receives an average of 1.1K new resumes/week. $1-2K/year to public.

  • CareerMosaic Resume Database: 50K resumes as of 12/97. Resume database no longer free 8/98.

  • Career Shop: 4K resumes in database as of 5/97; Look for online job fairs nationwide.

  • The Monster Board: 70K resumes as of 12/96. $7-8K/year to corporations. Results for my needs were disappointing. Others have experienced the same results.

  • Career Magazine Resume Database: Free service. Lots of USENET resumes.

  • HeadHunter.NET: Free service provided by Software Technology Corporation. Not certain of resume/candidate quality. Includes resumes submitted by agencies. I have only found 1 resume that was recruitable in 1997.

  • Bay Area Sports (Non-Business Related Info)

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    October 4, 2000 - Eric Yeung and Kristen Loomis at NL division playoffs - giants/mets game 1

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