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Recent News

Recently we made a summer trip to Ohio, Indiania, and Illinois. First we spent a week in Ohio, visiting Stacy's dad and family. It was a great week, minus the very strange apartment that we stayed in. Keaton had a great time, as there were many kids to play with. We then drove to Indiania to attend a wedding. Josh and Amy Kempf were married on Aug 18, 2001. Josh is a great friend of mine from California and then Germany. It was a very beautyful wedding. After the reception, we drove to Illinois to visit family and attend a 10 year reunion. I can not imaging how things change in 10 years, but I did get a lot of email addresses and see some old faces. We are now home and still getting settled into our house again. It was a very busy couple of weeks, but we sure enjoy seeing everyone.

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