John F. Gittings IV

Summer Time

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Life is a journey not a destination and as such there are many different roads to take. It seems that for me my journey has my folks taking different paths.It has obviously been a while since I was last here. Quinn now works for and lives in Dallas GA. Hamilton has finished graduate school and is a Private Music Banker with Suntrust in Atlanta. Last time I updated Janet was looking for a job but now she is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and instead of Janet looking for one I am now in transition.

John: "Well how was the ACT test?" Hamilton: "It was not too hard, you just have to figure out what you should be doing before time runs out." Dad: "Kind of like life." Hamilton: Laughing, "guess so."

I Saw this in a Old Old country Store today. Mr. Gump missed this one. "Life is like a ice cream cone, you got to lick it."