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Panama Canal Authority webcam

Panama Canal

CNN In-Depth Specials - Panama Canal Handover with statistics and news
Yahoo: Full Coverage - U.S. Returns Panama Canal To Panama: list of many links to media reports
Online NewsHour: Interactive tour of the canal
PBS Online NewsHour: includes a forum, and a timeline and an interactive tour of the canal.
ABC News: FOCUS-Carter hands Panama Canal
BBC: El Canal ahora si de Panama
MSNBC: U.S. hands Canal to Panama
The State: Panama Canal evokes simple joys of American way of life

Panama Ports Status

Hutchison Whampoa Limited Web Site with Annual Reports and investor information.
Hutchison Corporate Access: intranet wholly owned by Hutchison Whampoa Group.
Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), the world's largest independent port operator and a subsidiary of the diversified Hutchison Whampoa Limited.
The New American: Save Our Canal by reviving the Red and Yellow Scare.
Manzanillo International Terminal: Largest port in Panama is owned by a U.S. (not Chinese) company.
Stevedoring Services of America: Owner of the largest port in Panama.
Canal du Panama: Blog on Panama Canal business opportunities in French.

Extreme Engineering: Panama Canal II
For ten years, nearly 40,000 workers blasted through some of the toughest terrain in the world to create the Panama Canal. The most expensive peacetime endeavor ever undertaken creates a vital trading link with global impact. Discovery Channel provides a Flash image of the possibilities
Discovery Channel
Buy the video Extreme Engineering Season 1 - Episode 9: Widening the Panama Canal

PTY View

Panama General Info News items by typing "Panama" in the search box.
Georgetown University Political Science info on Panama
Weather in Panama city
Map of Panama City
World Travel Guide
Lonely Planet guide for those travelling to Panama the hard way: crossing the Darien, driving from Central America.
ABC News Travel tips on Panama as new ecotourism destination
Sailing to Panama: with plenty of maps.
Compa Net links: the first guide to Internet sites in Panama - tourism, restaurants, hotels, government, etc.
Canal 1: commercial portal of Panama with largest list of Panama sites.
Panama Info: site providing Calendar of Events, information and chat rooms for visitors and residents of Panama.
US Embassy information on Panama.
Darien links.
"The Noriega Mess": Extremely well-researched book on the REAL history of Panama by Panamanian PhD Luis Murillo (VideoBooks, 1995)
"In the Time of the Tyrants": Another book on the REAL history of Panama by long time resident Richard Koster and Panamanian journalist Guillermo Sanchez (W.W. Norton, 1991)
"Six Minutes to Freedom": How a Band of Heros Defied a Dictator and Helped Free a Nation by Kurt Muse and John Gilstrap
Cable & Wireless: still being overbilled? Your favorite Panama utility has a page asking to be hacked.
Panama Viejo ruins: after escaping obliteration by English pirates and Mexican builders, see them on the Web.
History of Panama: as told in the early XX-century, politically incorrect version.

Sights and sounds from Panama
Panama Canal webcam: see ships at Miraflores Locks by the *Panama Canal Commission.
Radio stations from Panama.
NPR: Type in the keyword "Panama" to find video and audio reports in the archives.

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International Trade
Export Orientation as a Model for Development in Latin America: The Case of Chile
Pisco Liquer Dispute between Chile and Peru
NAFTA and The Environment- Coffee Exports from Costa Rica

The Conservative Internationale
Federalist Digest: weekly digest on U.S. matters.
International Republican Institute and other conservative groups
El Cato: Cato Institute articles in Spanish
Hispanic American Center for Economic Research: articles in Spanish about free markets in Latin America.
Cuban links: List of independent human rights groups in Cuba.
Thomas Sowell: Forbes commentary on the cultural wars
International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL)
Panama Reports and Texts
Library of Congress Country Study: 1987 report that provides a huge amunt of background report still useful today.
Panama Drug Center Agreement: Unofficial draft of the agreement the previous Panamanian administration refused to publish.
US Embassy News
Panama Department of State Drug Control Report
Panama: World Bank Country Overview (summary)
Pan-American Highway in Darien.
OPIC Investor�s Panama Links: National Trade Estimate, Human Rights Report and other US Government reports for investors
Strategis Market Research: reports by typing "Panama" in the search box.

Panama Canal Reports
American Society of Civil Engineers: Civil Engineering Monument of the Millennium
The Panama Canal and United States Interests: Senate Committee July 16, 1998 hearings

Defense Issues: Canal Transition Success by DOD Secretary
Panama's Canal: What Happens When the United States Gives a Small Country What It Wants-By Mark Falcoff
Fellowship of Reconciliation Panam� Update
U.S. Bases in the Philippines By Daniel B. Schirmer
Panama's Environmental Challenge -- By: Interagency Committee for Environmental Evaluation of DOD Sites Transferred to Panama.
US Army South photo gallery.
US Southern Command.
Operation Just Cause info.
Operation Just Cause info.
Dialogo Military Forum.
Southern Command Network (a.k.a. Sports Crap Network)
Department of Defense WWW Sites in Panama
The Heritage Foundation Foreign Policy: Central and South America
Pedro Miguel Boat Club: Guide for Panama Canal crossings
Business Publications
Capital Financiero: Weekly business newspaper
Martes Financiero: Weekly businesss section of La Prensa
Pulso Economico: Radio and TV show
My Panama Lawyer: Blog for discussion of issues of interest to foreigners relocating to Panama
Street Level Asset Management: Blog with information on how to get better returns from your Panama real estate and properties abroad Central American business magazines and portal Extracts from business magazines
IT Now: Central American business and technology magazine
Revista Summa: "The best" of Central America and the world
Dinero America: Guide for Latin Americans doing business in the US
Revista Dinero: Colombian business magazine

Revista Poder: Florida-based magazine also published in Colombia and Mexico
Newslink: Links to more business magazines
Business 2.0
Fast Company
BusinessWeek Weekend: Website with video and articles from the weekly TV show
Marketplace: Articles and Real Audio podcasts of daily business radio show
Offshore Investment: British magazine about international finance centers
Offshore Oggi: Italian blog on offshore finance

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