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OBEC IS A COMPANY THAT TRADES SOLVENT WASTE FROM PAINT INDUSTRY PRINTING INDUSTRY FOR RECOVERY BY CRODA LTD IN U.K. WE BELIVE RECOVERY IS BETTER THAN BLENDING SOLVENTS WITH A MIX OF OTHER TOXIC WASTE AS A CHEME-FUEL SOUPE. The cheme-fuel soupe are mostly used in Europe as fuel for cementkilns (Euroc) or as a heat-genareator fuel for direct insineration of other toxic waste that has no or low burning energy (SAKAB Sweden). Since solvents are fast burner, they consume all air in the insinerator aria and then has to wait for new air to enter the burning airia. This makes the burning pullsating between optimanl burning and non optimal buning. The creation of toxic smoke molecules like dioxsines are several hundreds times bigger during this non optimal burning than during optimal burning. 1 minute of unoptimal burning therefor produces as mutch outlet of dixsines as hours of optimal burning. For dioxsine outlet forming is chlore (Cl) atoms is needed and a cyclic ring of 6 carbone atomes. (C-C=C-C=C-C=) (=IS TWO ELECTRONES AND -IS ONE ELECTORNE The two electorne binding of carbone atoms makes the ring strong). The chlore simply joins the ring at a carbone atome. Therfor there are several forms of dioxsines and the cyclic carbone ring makes them strong unable to biological downbreaking. How does i get a bensen ring. Well it is simpel Solvents also contains benzene rings of carbone atomes and if the solvents are mixed with chloronated solventwaste (tricloretylen, metylenchloride,..) (Euroc) and put into a cementkiln what do you think will happen. You have a dioxsine cement product to market and you will spread dioxsines out throug the chimmney (with licence ofcource). WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU INSTEAD INSINERATE FREONES (SAKAB) WITH SOLVENTS WITH BENSENE CARBONE RINGS. WELL: YOU GET FLOURATED DIOXSINE MOLECULES AND THEY ARE AMONG THE MOST TOXIC THINGS EVER MADE, BUT NOT MUTCH BETTER THAN PURE DIOXSINES. The outlet of dioxsines does not have to be big becuase it is so poisent at so small levels that you nearly cant messure it. But dioxsines are consentraited in our food chain and could be messured in fat because dioxsines are solobel into fat. It is great: Squesse your boddy from fat (breast milk) or give it to your baby. Eat fat fish or perhapps they cant reproduce alreaddy because the fish already detoxifies dioxsines to none reproducabel fish eggs. Well: OBEC DONT SUPORT INSINERATION OF SOLVENTS TOGETER WITH CHLORONATED SOLVENTS, SALTS OR FREONES. OH YES: CRODA LTD DONT INSINERATE THE RESIDUES AFTER RECOVERY DESTILLATION. WHAT DO THEY DO: THEY GRANULATE THE RESIDUES FOR SQUESING OUT MORE SOLVENTS AND GETING THE HEAVY METALLS KNOWN AS PIGMENTS OUT FROM THE RECIDUES. WHAT DO THEY DO WITH THAT METALL ASH: THEY LANDFILL IT I CLAY CELLS AT A CONTROLED WASTE DESPOSAL SITE. CLY CELLS: YES CLY CELLS ARE THE MOSTE STABBILE MATERIAL KNOWN DURING TIME AND IT PREVENTS THE METALLS FROM MOVING AROUND LIKE YOUR CAR. YOUR CAR: WELL WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CAR HAS A RUSTY SMOKE PIPE BUCKET WITH LEAKING HOLES. WELL: THE REFFINERIES CLEANS THERE CRACKERS WITH CHLORIDIC ASID CONTINUSLY WHILE MAKING GASOLINE. WHAT: WELL A SIMEL SAMPEL OF TO DROPPS GASOLINE AND A GASCROMATIC ANNALYSIS RUNNED AT A LABATORRRY, WILL JERK ABOUTE (TRICHLORETYLENE, METYLENECHLORIDE..) THE CHLORIDES FROM THE CHLORIDIC ASID WILL JOIN THE CARBONE ATOMES AND WHEN THEY FIND A BENZENE MOLECULE THEY WILL FORM A DIOXSINE. WHAT: WELL MOSTLY UNDER UNOPTIMAL BURNING. WHERE: YOU HAVE UNOPTIMAL BURNING IN YOU ENGINE WHENN IT IS COLD OR RECIVES A TO FAT BENZENE (GASOLINE) (TRICHLORETYLENE.METHYLENCHOLRIDE..) CHEMFULE BLENDING. OH I FORGOT TO MENSION: IN YOUR CATALYSATOR WHERE BURNING IS DONE AT LOW OXIGEN CONSENTRATION AND HIGH TEMPERATURE. WHAT: OH I FORGOT TO MENSION YOUR CAT ARE MADE OF STEANLESS STEEL. AND WILL TRIPPEL THE N202 (FUNNYGAS)THAT WILL KILL THE O3 (OZONE) IN THE STRATOSPERE. SO: PLEASE SEND YOUR SOLVENTS FOR RECYCLING BY DESTILATION. REGARDINGS: OBEC@HOTMAIL.COM

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