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I was born on December 11 1977 in Moscow, where I live now.

My professional history
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My wonderful family

Currently I am the head of Investments Department at Metalloinvest Holding Company.

My education: M.Sc. in Economics from Moscow State University. Before that I studied at New Economic School. In 1999 I graduated from MSU, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics with a summa cum laude ("red") diploma.

Here's a photo of the MSU building, where my department was located.

I'm fond of sports (armwrestling -- I was in the MSU team--, basketball, bandy (Moscow Champion), skating). I also like to study languages. I speak English, Russian, French, Spanish, and I have just started learning German.

I have a wonderful family, I love all of them and hope to make some interesting links later. My younger brotherNickolay specializes in marketing and political studies; he also graduated from MSU.

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ICQ# 31335189 -- Write me!

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