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Announcing the re-organization of Pacific Adobe and Terra Systems International. Stay tuned for new designs and applications using natural soils for building worldwide

Feasible, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly. A synchronistic combination of benefits results from the implementation of TerraSystems, including significant cost savings and on-going environmental benefits. TerraSystems is one of the most environmentally-sound building technologies in the world today. Utilizing on-site or local soils, as the main ingredient of TerraCrete blocks, the environment is protected in many ways:

TerraSystems lessens the environmental impact of building construction. The need for lumber is substantially reduced, thereby curtailing deforestation, drought, soil erosion, flooding, species displacement as well as the greenhouse effect.

TerraSystems saves money. On-site manufacturing of brick eliminates a large portion of transportation, middlemen and breakage cost. This is because the TerraCrete blocks that might get broken for one reason or another can be recycled through the TerraSystems process. The structures made with Terracrete building blocks are as beautiful and durable as housing made from conventional bricks. The higher acoustical qualities of these houses shut out exterior noise for less stressful living. The interlocking blocks are more thermally radiant than conventional bricks and reduce the need to heat or cool the interior.

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