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I built my home in the Emerald City.

In the State of Washington, the owner can do all of his/her own work, as long as it is on the owner/builder's property. Each state has its own rules, regulations and restrictions. Wherever you live, you can save some big $$$ doing as much of the work yourself as the rules permit.


1994 as an empty lot

Here are some of the items that will be discussed at this site:

more will be added as time and space permits

  • See my house as it develops
  • View photographs of the construction
  • The view at the work site
  • A unique design element
  • See a scary photograph
  • Check out the latest picture of the house
  • Review the framing pictures.

    Robert is the designer and builder of the house. He is a technical writer with a degree in speech communications (University of Washington 1979 although it might not show here) and has not previously designed or built a home. This is truly an owner built home. The only work performed by others on the house was the excavation, foundation and furnace installation. Robert also paid a friend to help install and hand nail the 40 year roofing material.

    The few people who actually worked on the house could be recommended to work on anyone's home. There were a couple of clunkers that were hired for a couple days, but they were "let go" and the job was finished, correctly, by Robert.

    You can build your own home, do it better than the "pros" and save money doing it.

    Think about what you want, what you can do, how much time you can give to the project and then DO IT!

    • Read what to consider before building
    • Read about the injuries sustained so far
    • Read about the various skills you could pay for or choose to do yourself
    • Evaluate your fortitude for building your own house
    • Read my story about this house
    • Estimate what you could save if you build it yourself
    • Read about the construction elements and materials selected for this house
    • Read about the reasons for the construction elements
    • See a list of current problems.

    There is a solution to every problem. Sometimes you just have to think about it. Your comments, inquiries and e-mail are welcome. My address is: learnink@reocities.com

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