Fourche Valley
Future Business Leaders of America
Fourche Valley High School
Briggsville, Arkansas 1998-99

Our chapterís mission is to make the general public aware of one of the largest business clubs in America and, if you are a student and not a member, hopefully get you so interested you would want to join. Below you will find links to other areas of our site. Below the site is a description of what you can find there.

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What is FBLA?
Here you find out what FBLA is, what it does, and who can join. This is the ultimate place to look for any kind of information
National FBLA History
This site tells you who came up with the idea of FBLA, where the first chapter was chartered and when it was founded.
Arkansas History
Who was the first school to affiliate with the national FBLA orgainzation and why did we have to break up into districts? These and other questions are answered here.
Meet Our Members
You can e-mail our members from here and eventually, we will have some really good pics for your viewing pleasure.
Would you like to know a little about our District VII or local news? You will find it here.
Hot links to other chapters and our national FBLA organization along with other sites of interest on the web.

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