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In brief

I was born on November 14,1964 in the northern of Thailand(Lampang). I spent most of my childhood in Lampang.I studied engineering for 5 years in three public universities before switching to the field of political science and graduated B.A.(political science) in year of 1988 from RU. I, however, still spent some years working as computer programmer in private company and eventually obtained master in economics from NIDA. Because I want to serve my country and doing the best of mine as ideal bureaucrat, I, therefore, initialized routine work again in the position of computer system analyst at the Ministry of Commerce (Department of Foreign Trade) in year 1991.

What I am doing at the moment, in the year 1997. I still work for the Ministry of Commerce but at Department of Export Promotion and my position has been changed to trade technical officer because I want to have experience in the field of economist. Moreover, I had spent the time after work doing MBA program at Thammasat University since 1993 before getting scholarship to do master in economic at the ANU in 1994 and University of Wollongong in 1996, respectively. In Australia, I had opportunity to experience in INTERNET. It fascinated me and also stimulated me to learn how to write this page. My most interesting on INTERNET is searching cool site where offer quality international trade information. I'll be very pleased to add your web site in mine as recommended web. I ,also,will be pleased if you can give me a suggestion for this homepage. My hobby also are shooting(air rifle) and book collection. I usually spend once a week visit in second hand book market and auctions. It would be very appreciated if you tell me the place like this.

In detail

Professional Experience

  • 1987-92 Computer teacher(full-time/part-time) specialise in FORTRAN,Dbase,FOXPRO
  • 1987-88 General Manager, Stanford tutorial school(my own business co. with my friends) Responsibilities...Advertising,Sylabus,Teaching, Clerk, sweeper and so on
  • 1989-90 Computer programmer(full-time/part-time), NEP Real Estate&Industrial Co.,Ltd. Responsibilities...designing and writing programme for accounting,purchasing,and production control using both PC and Mini Computer.
  • 1991-94 Computer system analyst,Dept. of Foreign Trade,Ministry of Commerce. Responsibilities...designing and writing system programme for trade data analysing,admnistration,textile quota management using PC-LAN and Mini Computer. My last project here is project team leader for designing,writing,and installing FTSC system(front office system for Foreign Trade Service Center ) by using 16 users LAN system in 5 different sub-system.
  • 1994 Trade technical officer,Dept. of Export Promotion,Ministry of Commerce. Responsibilities...co-ordinator for head quater and Thai trade centre in Asia Pacific region. My last project here before leaving for Australia is SL programme(selected list of thai exporter computer package)
  • 1997-8 Trade technical officer,Dept. of Export Promotion,Ministry of Commerce. Responsibilities...Overseas trade fair management coordinator
  • 1997-8 Lecturer(part time) Kasetsart University Lecturer(part time) Sri Pratum University Lecturer(part time) Thai-Chamber of Commerce Unv.

    Educational Background

  • Anubarn Khaelangrat Anusorn,Lampang year 1 to 4(1971-1974)
  • Assumption Lampang,year 5 to 7(1975-1977)
  • Boonyawat Wittayalai Lampang, MS 1 to 5(1978-1982)
  • MS.5 pass certificate by exam(Sorb Tiab) 1981
  • E14(Engineering,1983,Chiangmai University,CMU19)Quota, studied 1 year
  • E20(Electrical Engineering,1984,Kasetsart University,KU44), studied 2 years
  • E20(Engineering,1986,Prince of Songkhla University,PSU20), studied 2 years
  • RU10(Political Science,1984,Ramkhamhaeng University) B.A.(Political Science)
  • NIDA(Development Economics,2/1989,National Institute of development administration) M.S.(Econ)
  • TU39(MBA(Scholarship),1993,Thammasat University) (Droped for studying abroad by AusAID scholarship)
  • ANU49(Economics,1994,Australian National University) (Cert. in Econ.),scholarship
  • Wollongong(Economics,1996,University of Wollongong),scholarship M.Com(Economics)


  • Member, The university development project, Kasetsart university (1984-85)
  • Vice president,Prasarn student party, Prince of Songkla university (1985-86)
  • Adviser,Northern club, Prince of Songkla university (1986-87)
  • President of student dormitory committee,Prince of Songkla university (1987)
  • Editor, Welcome freshy annual journal, Northern club, Prince of Songkla university (1987)

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