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Geoge Orwell is best-known as the author of "Animal farm" and "1984", and this books gave the language the overused adjetive "Orwelian". However, these works were written relatively late in his life, and followed an impressive body of work that included accounts of his experiences as a soldier in the Spanish Civil War , and as a "down and out" tramp roaming the English contryside

One of his well-known essays is Why I Write

Early life and education

Orwell ,whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, wos born in India in 1903.He was brought to England,along with his mother and old sister,in1904.His early education was at a village school,and later he attended a private preparatory school.At the age of 14 won a scholarship to the prestigious Eton College

Orwell portrayed his prep school days in hasrh term in the essay "Such Were the Joys .." This may have been the result of interpreting his early experiences in the light of his political conciousness.

(B.R. Jones)

Orwell´s Four Great Motives for Writing

Orwwll´s novel "1984" describeb a lexicon called "Newspeak" tha was designed to give the appearance on real content while actually allowing the autorities to successfully lie an obfuscate. Some examples:

Mass entertainment
Forced-labor camp

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One of the most famous satirical lines in Animal Farm is:All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Another famous quote from Animals Farm:"Four legs good,two legs bad"


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