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Invest in Stocks! Invest in Stocks!

To My Wallstreet Portfolio

The list below contains the stock portfolio I had built over the last 17 years up until 2002. The portfolio has always maintained double digit growth each year. Several stocks have gone way down. I buy as near as possible to the 52week low for the given year and at least $20 off the 52week High. Since I am after aggressive growth, I am willing to take on risk to obtain the greatest gain. A few of the stocks in the portfolio are considered steady growth stocks (blue chips) and therefore pose little risk. Never the less, they bolster the direction of the portfolio. No price updates planned any longer. I am too busy to take the time. update 5-15-05.

The Portfolio

3 yearsAltera Computer (ALTR)

2 yearsAndrew Corporation (ANDW)

3 yearsBoston Scientific Corporation (BSX)

 yearGalileo Technologies

H.J. Heinz (HNZ)

newInternational Paper (IP)

Medtronics (MDT)

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Motorola (MOT)

newSage Inc. (SAGI)

Walgreens Stores (WAG)

Yahoo Internet(YHOO)


$41.88, 10-06-00

$31.33, 03-08-96

$29.00, 02-21-95

$18.52, 11-09-99

$42.50, 10-07-85

$42.50, 12-10-97

$16.26, 12-12-95

$27.66, 12-09-96

$10.95, 12-09-88

$20.13, 03-08-00

$30.74, 03-02-99


Recent Price

$29.31, 11-8-00

$25.43, 11-8-00

$16.25, 11-8-00

$23.94, 11-8-00

$42.56, 11-8-00

$37.94, 11-8-00

$56.25, 11-8-00

$71.18, 11-8-00

$23.81, 11-8-00

$17.12, 11-8-00

$42.50, 11-8-00

$66.44, 11-8-00

Acquisitions for 2000: International Paper, Yahoo, Sage Displays Inc., Galileo Technologies. All bought prices now reflect the average price per share, since some were aquired through serveral purchases.
A bit of overview: With respect to the economy, it almost doesn't matter who gets elected. Between the two contestants for the White House, the economy will probably be very similar to where it is now, over the next four years. The Federal Reserve has had a much more significant impact on the economy than the White House or even Congress has.

Technology stocks warn us of a temporary slowdown in sales and falling profit margins. Investors, believing that the problem is really a long-term slowdown of growth in the company's market, take the stock out and shoot it. I could tell the same story with a dozen stocks in the current market.

I also see investors stampede like lemmings over a cliff too many times to take the crowd very seriously in the short run. I wish they would stop to think before cashing out so quickly. This type of over-reaction has hurt the portfolio many times, not that I've sold any thing. I just don't like it lanugishing back and forth. It's been quite a rollercoaster.

Although I believe the portfolio contains well-positioned companies for the 21st century, there's no single litmus test that I use to pick stocks. The process is ongoing and dynamic and includes not only historical growth, but more importantly, potential future growth and profitability from anaylists forcasts.

The Company Briefs:
All companies have web sites you can visit by clicking on any of the company names below.

Altera Computer- Computer systems for LAN and WAN use.
Andrew Corporation- Radio antennas, cables, buildings and towers.
Boston Scientific- Non-invasive medical instruments.
H.J. Heinz- Worldwide food manufacturing and distribution.
International Paper- Forest, Paper and Related Products
Galieleo Technolgies- Internet networking communications devices.
Medtronics- Third largest medical supplies manufacturing and distribution.
Microsoft- Well, you know the story here. Great money maker.
Motorola- Business radios, cell phones, pagers and many associated products.
Walgreens- Large national retail drug store chain.
Yahoo- Internet search engine, Geocities and anything else they can get into.

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