Pre-Employment Referencing Tutorial

This tutorial is the practical application of over 50,000 referencing assignments. Courtois, 79-97, Profile. I hope you will find this information useful for your human resource library.

An Online Do-It-Yourself Guide for:
Hiring Authorities H. R.
Personnel Managers
Entrepreneurs Employers Executives

Table Of Contents:

Answer These Questions To Start - Answers listed separately. Conceptual Considerations - Risk, White-collar Crime, Unplanned Turnover, Productivity, Morale, Management's Role.
Key Information Outline - Planning, Internal Systems, Supplier Considerations, Costs - Requirements. Public Information Components - Criminal, Credit, Driving, SSN, Education, and Workers Compensation.
Developed Information Components - Employment Performance, Dates, Job Functions, Evaluations. Employment Index - 1000+ URL's - 60 Search Engines - 18 Employment Categories A unique index for anything related to employment, consulting, training, search, et al.
Web Resources - Legal, Business, Public & Government Information. Putting The Program Pieces Together - A final check list of forms, links and cross reference information.

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What's in the name?

Employment screening services are starting up daily in the U.S.; names including background checks, background referencing, background investigations, pre-employment screening, pre-employment referencing, pre-employment checks, performance evaluations, credit checkers, Social Security Checks, employment screening checks, employment referencing investigations, employment investigations, are just some of the myriad names the employment screening vocabulary calls up on the World Wide Web daily. In 1979, the my firm began formal background referencing, few executives understood what was implied or meant by pre-employment screening, referencing, background referencing, et al. Most took the terms to mean criminal background checks, whereas pre-employment screening and referencing now includes a complete list of components, as outlined in our Essential Elements Of A Background Check.

Xukor set the referencing standard in 1984, when few had ever heard of an employment screening company, and thousands of firms have since followed suit, promulgating the disciplines of pre-employment screening services across the U.S., as have the "white-collar-crime" and criminal statistics soared to even greater heights every year. Fraud, lies and stealing are alive and well. Every day we are looking for new ways to do what we do better, faster and more effectively.

While we are building this "Information Resource" you can E-mail or call us anytime if you need to figure something out. (404) 288-8100