Kenan Acer
                            Georgia College & State University
                             CPO 830 Milledgeville, GA, 31061
                                       Phone : (912) 454-4063



 Programmer/Analyst position incorporating skills in Management 
 Information  Systems with opportunity to develop skills in computer  industry.
        1996-1997      Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Georgia  
   Master of Management Information System (MMIS),
   Recently graduated on March 19, 1997.
        1991-1995    Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
   Bachelor of Science in Management,
   Graduated with honor degree.
      1989-1991    Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
   Associate Diploma in Computer Technology and Programming
   Graduated with honor degree by gaining 5.rank in the  department.
     3/96-Present    Department of Economics and Finance, GA Col.& St.Unv.
   Graduate Assistant, Assisting in research projects and  designing home
   pages of  faculty staff. (click here to see)
        6/96-9/96    Academic Computing Services, GA Col.& St.Unv.    Graduate Lab Assistant, Installed, tested, maintained application 
   softwares and  operating systems.  Assistance  ranged from    
   word-processing instruction to programming assignments.
      7/95-12/95    AlternativeBank, Headquarters, Istanbul, Turkey
   Full time position in finance department upon completion of 3 month
   in-house management trainee program. Analyzed and produced 
   financial reports in mainframe environment.
        6/94-9/94    DMR Graphic Design Company, Istanbul, Turkey
   Assisted with all aspects of graphical design for new textile firm using    
   PhotoShop and CorelDraw.
        6/93-9/93    ETA Software Development Company, Istanbul, Turkey
   Assisted in development of accounting software package by  using
   Microsoft C.
       6/92-9/92    Pamukbank, System Development Department, Istanbul,Turkey    
   Worked with software design team on large systems  conversion    
   projects by  using COBOL.
       6/90-9/90    Turkish Electricity Company, Headquarters, Ankara, Turkey    
   Gained experience in development, writing financial applications     
   using COBOL with embedded SQL in IBM 30/90  environment.
    Languages    :    C++, COBOL, T.Pascal, Assembly, PL/1, VBasic, FORTRAN,    
   HTML 3.0, Java Scripts 1.1
   Systems        :    MS-DOS (3.30-6.22), Windows (3.11-95), Unix
   Tools             :    IEF Case Tool, VP Expert, SAS
   Graphics       :     PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Harvard Graphics, Paint Shop Pro
   Databases    :    DBase III, SQL, Oracle (PC version), MS-Access
   Applications :    MS-Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro, Excel, QuatroPro, PowerPoint
   Internet        :    TCP/IP, FTP, Internet Plug-In Application & Mail Client Softwares,
   Java Development Kit 1.1, Netscape Communicator.
   Awarded with Graduate Assistantship at GA Col.& St.Unv.      
   Completed MIS master degree in 1 year.
   Particapeted honor class during management major.
   Dean's List of Bilkent University between 1990 and 1994.
   Energetic and highly motivated individual with good interpersonal skills.
   Dependable and well organized planner.
   Willingly accepts responsibility and gets results.
   Playing organ  that is plugged in computer ( sample1sample2), reading online news.
   Surfing on Internet, playing tennis, soccer and chess.
   Highly comfortable with computers.
   Bilingual : Fluent in English and Turkish.

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