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Links to the best free investment resources

Consumer Resources
Better Business Bureau - Alerts, news, resource library, and online complaint filer

Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRiPS)
Greiner's DRiP Guide - About DRiPS and a list of participating companies
Keller's No Load Stock Info - Direct stock purchase (DSP) plan directory
NCS DSP - Another DSP plan directory
The Clearinghouse - Snail mails prospectuses for selected DSP plans

E-mail Services
Mercury Mail - E-mails quotes, morning call, news, and company alerts daily

Magazines and Newsletters
Barron's Online - Weekly magazine from Dow Jones (full text!)
Contrarian's View - Newsletter from one of the last bears of the U.S. market. Read when feeling euphoric.
Fidelity Weekly Analysis - Market analysis and mutual fund recommendations
Fortune - Featured articles and columns
Insider from NETworth - Directory of investment newsletters
Money Online - Featured articles, market new, and Money Daily. Have it e-mailed to your home everyday.
Mutual Funds Online - Monthly mutual fund magazine (full text!)

Market Indices
DBC Major Market Indexes - U.S. markets
Dow Jones Telerate - Asia/Pacific - Asian markets
Dow Jones Telerate - EMEA - European/Middle Eastern/African markets

News and Research
CNNfn - News, markets, your money, digital jam, and quotes
DBC Online - Financial markets and analysis
INVESTools: Decision Point - Alerts, technical analysis and charts, mutual funds and stocks
Invest-O-Rama - Features over 4,000 financial links
InvestorNet - S&P research reports and Wall Street consensus analysis
Investor Relations Information Network - Data bank of annual reports, available both online and by snail mail
London's Financial Times - Headlines and commentary from across the pond
misc.invest.mutual-funds FAQ [V2.4] - The most frequently asked questions about mutual fund investing
Motley Fool - Infamous webpage for the aggressive and volatility loving investor
MSNBC Commerce - Market commentary and news, including CNBC features
Mutual Funds Interactive - News, commentary, and mutual fund analysis. Includes Funds 101 for the beginning investor
My Yahoo - Personalized news, market and stock quotes
NETworth from GALT - A must for mutual fund investors. Morningstar reports, screening tools, and quotes
New York Times - Financial index
SEC EDGAR - Online prospectuses and quarterly and annual reports for the past 3 years
Stock Smart - Market analysis, quotes, consensus estimates, mutual fund analysis, company news, and a whole lot more
StockMaster - Historical charts for mutual funds and stocks
Yahoo! Quotes - Latest financial information, company news, quotes, and searches


FinanCenter - Guaranteed best rates for home, auto, and credit loans
Money Online's Best Rates - The best savings, credit card, and loan rates, both nationwide and in the largest U.S. cities

IRS - Digital Daily - Online income tax forms, instructions, and publications

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