Hello I am Jenna, and this is my HOMEPAGE. I am a ex-graphic artist.
and now I am a full time stock trader. I'm usually on the computer from 9:00 until 4:30 reading real-time financial reports from Reuters, networking with fellow traders all around the country in my trading room called #RTtrader, keeping my bulletin board on Silicon Investor called NASDAQ Gems - Beaten Down Fundamentally Sound Stocks up-to-date and, of course, buying and selling stocks and options.

Do you wonder how health and wealth belong on one page? Well , besides the fact that they rhyme well. Basically, I began to get so very healthy by eating well and working out properly. I decided now was the time to get rich as well, since I will probably live a very long time!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do weight training at my clubhouse for an hour. I play an intense game of tennis about 3-4 times a week.I especially love using the Life Step machine and the Health Rider. At night I spend some time reading my Investor's Business Daily and checking out Telescan to see how my stock portfolios are doing. I go on the World Wide Web to check news updates on stocks and sectors moving the market.

The way I stay healthy besides working at some physical activity every day is by eating very well. I have a very high fiber diet. Fruits and vegetables are the main staple of my diet. I never need to go on a diet because my lifestyle is very conducive to healthy weight control.

Weight training is also very important for everyone, young or old. I don't mean professional bodybuilding. Just a regulated and consistant toning program with light to medium weights.That would be enough to help you feel vigorous and energized. You will find more enjoyment in your favorite sports activity because your stamina and strength will have increased threefold!

I have to say, though, that the Stock Market is my favorite hobby. I love the sheer excitement of the trading. My special interest is in NASDAQ, and its technology, and bio-tech stocks. The challenge is in sifting through the many young and innovative companies to find the outstanding ones that will emerge as leading companies of the future.The drama enfolds in NASDAQ when these new and intriguing companies advance (or decline!) 100% or 200% in under a year! Since I am also in synch with current technology in the computer field, I can usually spot some of these new companies even before the wall street analysts follow them. (For example: ORBKF,ESCMF, TKLC, GILTF, PWAV, VIAS, TECD, BILL, SEBL, SMOD were all in my portfolio before being discovered by average investor on the street.) Of course some of them have since sold and others rebought. Knowing when to get out of these volatile companies is very important.

My portfolio during the next couple of months will include some fast growing stocks that I have been tracking for a while.

What is your choice of the top stocks to buy?

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