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James J. Alsup
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123
(505) 235-0599

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Extensive experience in site planning, landscape architecture, professional services, product development, marketing, selling and consulting with various corporations and agencies.

Prepared plans and presented projects to public agencies for review.

Conducted consultative sales and marketing for professional services in addition to business consulting. Retained a main client for over a decade.

Advanced abilities in project management and use of Microsoft Project. Proficient in Microsoft Office (including Access), Quark, AutoCAD and Microstation and other computer graphics programs.

Have had training as an internal ISO 9001 auditor. Participated in gap analysis/needs assessment and internal audits. Familiar with ISO 14000 requirements.

Coded HTML.


Prepared and presented proposals for design services and sold designs to a wide variety of clients and agencies. Maintained a solid client relationship with a large governmental facility for over 13 years.

Managed proposal process for complex, consultative professional services for market research firm. Over 700 proposals written and priced with a value over $5M. Resulted in 80% year to year increased sales. Created Access file to track proposal status. Managed proposals for a ENR Top 5 construction management firm. Average proposal value was $1M. Sold $6M of CM services.

Prepared market research, plans, financial modeling and financial pro formas for the new Rosecrest community of 2000 acres in south Salt Lake County and multiple parcels of a ski resort in Colorado.

Developed a Franchise Marketing Plan for Installation Systems Inc. including the strategic and marketing concepts and financial valuation for a franchise for an alternative irrigation installation system. Analyzed pro forma financial studies and reviewed P & L for a typical franchisee.

Wrote Keystone Homes Marketing Plan, which led to refocusing of the firm's target market and business strategy.

Prepared a business plan and assisted on pro forma development for an auto dealer financial system with $100M annual revenues.

Created design programs and sold product plans for a variety of developments ranging from commercial, housing and site design improvements to park and street improvement plans.

Developed a marketing plan for Agilase Inc., a corporation that owns intellectual property for making plastic rods for lasers that resulted in the strategy of the sale of Agilase Inc. to a major laser company.

Authored an internal white paper on the future of telecommunications for new communities. Major conclusion is that Internet cable service will be a clear winner.


Planned, designed and implemented a project management and controls system using MS Project 98 for CIGNA Insurance's Quality Management project. Project planning involved 10 resources and 500 separate deliverables that needed to be completed over a year.

Designed and implemented a project management and controls system using MS Project 98 for First Security Bank's Y2K effort. Project planning involved over 200 resources and 50 separate projects.

Responsible for implementation of Microsoft Project office-wide for over 100 projects in 9 offices. Developed a project management system for a market research company.

Managed multiple design and land development projects in an office setting.

Managed a complex multi-year contract to a national research laboratory.

Shared supervision of a staff of fifteen landscape architects and designers.



  • The Plus Group, Project Developer and Landscape Architect. 2005 - Present, Albuquerque, NM.
  •, Proposal and Business Development Manager for a international market research firm. 2000 - 2005, San Jose, California.
  • CDI Technical Corp., Consultant to First Security Information Techology Inc.'s Y2K Project Office, Project Planning Consultant, (Temporary, Contract Position) 1998 - 1999, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Design Workshop Inc., Landscape Architects/Planners, Project Manager, 1984 - 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Regional Manager, 1997 - 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah. Left firm after keystone project was prematurely terminated by client. Was invited to relocate to another office of Design Workshop but declined.
  • WBC & M, Consulting Engineers, Project Manager, 1981 to 1984, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Daft McCune Walker, Land Planners, Landscape Architect, 1978 to 1981, Baltimore, Maryland

Registered Landscape Architect, New Mexico
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards Certified


Available on request

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