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Yield Curve Analysis
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Yield Curve Analysis
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ZCalc is a zero coupon yield curve calculator program
..... ZCalc is a zero coupon yield curve calculator Excel Add-in. 
Learn about Zero Coupon Yield Curve Analysis 
..... Advandtage | Purpose | Basic concepts | Recommended readings | Links
Excel programming / VBA
Excel programming in Visual Basic (VBA)
..... Isn'it only a spreadsheet? | Example: Intranet portal center, Groupware applications | Sample program codes | Links
Data Mining/Warehousing
Topics in Data Mining, Data Warehousing and On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) 
..... Basic concepts | Purpose | Other sites dealing with this stuff
Monte-Carlo Simulation
Monte-Carlo simulation
..... Purpose | Case study: Dickey-Fuller unit root test | Sample program
Papers written by me.
Links -- Pearls Of The Net
Links to download centers, financial news, Hungarian institutions 
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The answer is: the webmaster of this site
Brief version: I am a weekend webmaster. As to my profession, I am an economist (studies at the Economic Faculty of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences) specializing in different areas of Information Technology (internet, intranet, e-business, decision support systems). I am living in Budapest, Hungary.
Longer version: my CV is here.
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