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About My Site!

My site can be viewed in any resolution as the design is auto adjustible to your resolution. In future, I might add my personal review of the games I've played in my life. And NOW, something...

About Me!

Hi and welcome to my home pages on the web. Minus telling you my real name, I'm a die-hard adventure game player whos playing adventure games since his childhood. My first graphics adventure game was Zork, which I played on my Commodore 64 back in 1984 and that was the game, which made me fell in love with adventure games right away. I collected many games while playing them at the same time but later switched to Commodore Amiga when it was introduced in the world and sold my Commodore 64 along with the games. So, all my collection was gone. After having a new computer with better colors, sound and speed, I again started collecting as well as playing games on this new machine. Unfortunately, in late 80s I again planned to switch to IBM compatibles keeping in view the latest trend then and for that reason I sold out my Commodore Amiga along with all the collection. This was the second time that my game collection had to go.

Anyway, with the arrival of IBM compatible PC in my life a new wave of enthusiasm aroused in me and I once again started playing and gathering games for it. I was so engrossed in collecting games that I collected even the early games for PC which I had played on my previous machines just to play them all over again with better colors and sound support. Well, I'm glad that Im stuck to IBM PC and have no further plans of switching to any other system and losing my games collection. The reason behind this not changing a system is the progress within the IBM compatible PCs. They introduce a new chipset almost every year with better configuration, speed and performance. On the software side, we get a new Microsoft Windows to install almost every year as well.

So, this was all my gaming life autobiography but let me tell that during all these years the only thing that never changed is my deepest love to adventure games and I assure you that this love of mine will carry forward with me in my eternal life. During my gaming life I've played over 800 adventure games, be it an interactive fiction, a third person perspective with point'n'click interface, or a first person perspective with 360 degree camera movement layout, I've played them all.

Well, not all of them but most of them are played by me. I'm still looking for few games and have made detailed list of them. Some of my listed want games are not yet developed for PC or if developed then not in English language but, I have listed them just to keep on checking the developers sites for latest news and plans about these games. Some of the games are still under development and will be released sooner or later.

So, while you are here I request you to kindly peruse my WANT list and see if you have any of these games or if you know a place where they are available for sale.

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