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Ive been wanting to overhaul my website for a while now.. this set of graphics really hit home, so I thought Id give them a shot.. I will need to spend some time customizing the buttons over there on the left, but for right now, you can see where they link to by mousing over them.. I put alt tags in so you can see which pages they link to. Hey.. call me lazy if you want, but I am building this site with a cat on my lap who is DEMANDING attention.. is this multitasking or what!

Ive decided to keep subsequent pages the way they are except the about me pages which you can reach by clicking on that first link button.


The one major addition you should be aware of is the linking of my blog to the main page. I was against this in the begining as it was going to be a journal just for me, but others have found out about it, so I figured it was about time. I write in it several times a week.

Well.. enough of the intro, on to the pages.. May I recommend you click on that first link button over there on the left..