Atmospheric Pressures

Welcome Friend
So you've decided to join me.
I hope you like my cell.
The padded walls are an unexpected comfort,
here in my own little hell. 
The lodgings are sufficient.
Athough I must admit. 
The atmosphere could use a boost
even to this crazy little twit.
No pink bunnies on my wall
or even elephants
All I get to look at each day 
are a bunch of dying plants.
I'm glad you finally paid a call.
How do you like it so far?
I've tried to make it nice for you 
despite the metal bars.
How much longer must I stay?
That I do not know. 
Probably till the end of time.
Hell is eternal you know.
Perhaps if you get the chance 
you can pray to God.
That he will deem me worthy enough
to leave this stinking pod.
Well, I know that you must go.
one could not expect,
To have you here all the time.
You've a rep to protect.
We wouldn't want it soiled,
by some one finding out.
your associtating with a lady
who's nuts without a doubt.

Moonlight Love

Listening to the waves crash upon the shore,
we dance under the stars as we did once before.
The music of the night guides our every motion.
Singing words of love, the birds, the wind, the ocean;
They play a wonderful ballad just for you and I.
We dance and we love underneath the moonlit sky.
Nothing could compare to the feelings shared tonight.
Noone could ever make me feel so right.
Hold me, love me, reach out and touch my soul.
Dont ever let me go until we reach our goal.
With eyes filled with passion I gaze upon your face,
I wonder if you can hear how bad my heart doth race.
Its rapid beat signifies the things you do to me.
Now I understand the phrase "To be or not to be".
I ask one thing of you before we must depart.
If you ever leave me please give back my heart.


As the tears stream down my face,
they leave tracks of despair.
From the depth of my soul have they appeared
To wash away the pain of this sordid affair.
Twisting and tearing like a knife,
your love has left me scarred
No feeling, no love, and no more cares.
My heart is finally barred.
The day you walked out of my life, 
It  followed you out the door.
Say goodbye to the naive child, she is gone.
In her place exists a woman who trusts no more.
Thanks for changing me for the better.
It is now time for my life to begin.
From now on my life is my own.
Never to be shared again.

Touch Me
The light in your eyes,
shines brighter than the moon.
The feel of your lips on mine,
causes me to swoon.
When you wrap your strong arms around me,
I cant control my urges
I want to hold you and feel you.
The air around us surges.
Touch me just once more,
Make me cry and beg
Dont you know I love it,
when you kiss up and down my leg.
I'll take all the love you have
And give even more in return.
Watching you like this,
my body starts to burn.
You know all the right places,
and all the right ways.
Touch me, caress me,
Make this last for days 


As I sit here thinking of you,
I begin to wonder what I should do.
To live a lie is one thing 
But to think of all the pain it will bring.
They say love and hate go hand in hand.
I realize they are right as I watch the sand.
Flowing through the hourglass, it seems to signal me
Of times that I have lost and things that will never be.
You tell me that your love for me will never end.
Yet somehow I sit here waiting for it to begin.
Please don't promise something unless you know it's true.
Do not say you love me unless you really do.
Choosing the paths in which I must take,
Is the hardest decision that I must make.
If truly you love me then surely you must see. 
My decision would not be so hard if you would set me free.


Many times I look at your mischievous grin
And wonder this time which of us will win.
Tiny yet tough,you are a marvel to me.
To have a child like you sets my heart free.
Happiness personified, your laughter is pure joy.
Everyday I wonder why I deserve such a boy.
When ever things seem to go wrong.
I look at you and it makes me strong.


Zipping through my life, God chose to give me you.
A gift of love, yet I didn't know what to do.
Changing my life each passing day.
Hope was brought to me in a very special way.
Angel that you are, you gave me love beyond compare.
Reaching a part of me that seemed so rare.
You are my joy, happiness and endless hope
As long as you're with me I know I can cope.


Curly brown hair and that cute little face,
Heaven knows nothing could ever take your place.
Rambunctious little imp that you are,
I love you, you are my shining star.
Silly yet serious, naive yet so smart,
There will always be a place for you in my heart.
I am as proud as can be of you my son. 
All of my days you have filled with fun.
Nothing could stop me from loving you.
No matter what in life you choose to do.

In My Dreams

Twas in my dreams we met,
one night long ago.
I was a southern belle,
you a handsome beau.
We lay upon a starlit beach
our bodies interwined
You kissed me gently on the neck and whispered
"God im glad you're mine."
I held you tightly in my arms,
looked into your eyes and wondered 
how I found you among all the other guys.
A gift from God you have to be.
Now I know tis true.
There's only one I'll ever love and dear that is you.

Appreciation to True Friendship
Being best friends is a hard thing to do
Especially considering all we've been through.
Since I've known you I've never had a doubt
That our friendship would survive know matter 
what life dished out
Friendship like ours is really hard to find. 
Really our friendship is one of a kind
In good times and bad you've always been my friend.
Each time I knew on you I could depend
No other person could appreciate you more. 
Day after day I realize what best friends are for, 
Sometimes its hard because you live so far away.
Forcing myself, I look to another day.
Over the years you've helped me through so much.
Remember my friend to always stay in touch.
Easily forgotten are mistakes we have made. 
Very seldom do we forget the price our friendship paid
Everyday I wish there were things I could undo.
Remember, my friend, my sister, my counselor too.
No matter what happens. I'll always love you.

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