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updated: November 30, 1999

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Vital statistics

White male, 40, 6'-4', 183#, brown/blue, B4 t+ g m e r. Handkerchief: gray, right pocket. Tend to be quiet until I get acquainted. Like outdoor activities (backpacking, running, bicycling, canoeing, skiing, travel). Prefer boxers. Non-smoker, light drinker. Single but would like to be in a long-term relationship (ISO similar in age, build, and interests). A few photos.

Ethnically half Finn and half Canuck, born and raised in Maine, and now live in northern Virginia and work for US EPA. Live with Charlie, my kitty. Am out to my boss, co-workers and most friends. In mid-1980s, was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal in Nepal. Ways a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer knows.... Secret egghead passion: cosmology and particle physics. Everything I ever learned from math.... Secret vice: fat-free Cool-Wip. The bitchy queen on websites.



A few favorite links

The DC weather. My hometown newspaper. Cool html help.

My friends' Ron's web page (he's oh-so built),
and Brian's web page, and Wuzzle & Wizard whom I met when they came thru DC on the cross-country ride in June 1999.

Eeek -- me on the Beards, Beards, and more Beards website that's totally fun to surf and find familiar faces!

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