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Launched in January 1996, Roz Mov has been the very first GLBT site of Greece. Covering just about everything GLBT and greek, Roz Mov remained on-line for ten years. During this time, greek GLBT groups, organizations, magazines, even businesses, have launched their own web sites, rendering Roz Mov more of a redundancy than a necessity. On its tenth birthday Roz Mov is withdrawing itself off-line. Roz Mov's text-only version, hosted by the QRD, was not made possible to delete or alter, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, since this 1999-snapshot/fossil, could be of interest to researchers or simply to the curious. The selection of greek GLBT sites' links that follows, can be thought of as a starting point for exploring the greek GLBT cyberspace, and is by no means exhaustive. The animation that concludes this page, is a wrap-up of Roz Mov's images.

10percent Magazine
Colourful Planet Bookstore
Deon Magazine
EOK, the Hellenic Homosexual Society
Greek Sapphites Cyberspace
Omofylofilia, Mailing List

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