Astral Audio Vat

Hear the Astral Chant

I quit playing guitar 10 years ago so this is the last dance for this piece

They sound better looped, what do you expect from the first audio files I ever placed on the web.

Art Files of the Astral Vat

Vat 3

The girl from the bottle (50k)

See the codex glyphs and Silcon Forest (207k)

Go to the UFO engineers page

Party Girl @ the Temple

Ancient Moon girl (109k)

Astral Architecture (56k)

Truss One (55k)

Cinematique Female (29k)

If you would like to see more of my artwork or perhaps comission a piece, E-mail me.

Links to other cool websights

Others will be added as part of the html reprogramming, sorry for the lack of links, also, I might add a leg gallery if public response is sufficient.

Donnas Transgender Chats

Page 4 of the Alchemystic zone

Cosmetic Surgery for Transgendered M2F's

TS/TV/SO Personal HPs


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