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My name is Tanya Gulliver. I am a 35 year old fat, futch dyke living in Hamillton, Ontario. I live, love and laugh with my princess, Tricia. :-) Our lives are consumed with decorating our apt., doing mystery shopping, winning contests and devouring Golden Thai and Baskin-Robbins. This is Tricia and I at our Holy Union in Vermont last fall...I'm on the right! The two ringbearers are Shawn and Jay, our nephews.
Just the facts!!
I work at SISO - Settlement and Integration Organization in Hamilton as the Counsellor and Outreach Worker for the Hate Crimes Prevention Project.
I used to work at Cornerstone Community Association (a men's hostel and housing program in Oshawa). They have lots of information on their web site too. Cornerstone
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