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I'm a Southern Comfort Conference Alumni!
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"Share your heart with a friend -
become stronger through the sharing"

Who is Cheryl Ann Summer of 97
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Hugs & Kisses to All

Trusted Sisters of the World
Sisters of the Heart
Roses in the garden of life.

Michelle - "A real lady & good friend"
Cricket - "A desert beauty & good friend"
Danielle and Helen's Page -"Cherished friends to both myself and my wife"
Jennileigh's Page
Suzie Williams - "A classy lady"
Barbie Lanai - "A real nice lady"
Ellen - "A good friend & a sweet lady"
Dawn's "Very sweet"
Sarah's Home Page "My Friend / My Confidante / My Sister in all that matters"

What every girl loves to do?
On line shopping sites

Places to Visit
Friends on Geocities - "Nice lists of home pages"
Michelle's Mid Day Break "Great Place to Visit"

Transgendered Support Groups

TG Forum - Special Place for couples
Tennesse Vals - Nashville Support Group
Transgender Support & Chat

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This is where I like to chat.

Please drop in and say hi. Always leave a note so I will know to return your page.

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