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SM basics


Electricity basics


Electricity resources


General device information




Dealers / vendors

Products: Pictures & prices

"Violet wand" (master high frequency unit)

  • Okay for use above the waist (since the electricity does not travel through the body cavity, where it could interfere with the heart), but avoid the eye area.
  • Ultra Violet Wand Set (7 attachments, including Lightning Hands™)
    approximately $398.95.
  • Ultra Violet Wand Set Small (1 Glass Attachment)
    approximately $229.95.

violet wand set in special case

violet wand set outside special case for better viewing

P.E.S. Power Box and Folsom PSG-202 (Folsom unit shown.)

==> Do not use above the waist!

The P.E.S. Power Box was my first power box unit and remains the one most capable of controlling sensation.

Approximately $245.

Folsom PSG-202 power box

Eros Tek ET312 programmable power box
"The World Class Standard In High-End E-Stim!"

==> Do not use above the waist!

This unit ships with 18+ programs ("Waves", "Stroke", "Intense", etc.), audio controlled stimulation, the highest output intensity of any box, rechargeable power and has a 32 character lighted LCD display.

For audio control, the set includes a microphone, and an external input jack for connecting to a portable tape player, CD player, stereo, TV, computer, or any device with a headphone jack. The audio signals are converted into a [not-a-medical-TENS] TENS-style modulated output. The louder the sound, the more intense the stimulation. Using either method, the creative possibilities are nearly endless. Stimulation can be based on music, speech, moans and more.

Comments: We use this in conjunction with a PHOTOSONIX Nova Pro 100 (about $399), Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones (about $299), and special light-encoded CDs1 to provide a total audio/visual/physical experience. See Officer Wes' presentation notes for Power Play: High End Electrical for more information.

Approximately $499 (without the above add-ons).

Eros Tek ET312

Eros Tek ET232 portable unit

==> Do not use above the waist!

Similar to the ET312, above, but in a smaller hand-held package. The ET-312 offers more features such as LCD display, much longer battery life, a rechargeable battery, higher power, higher frequency and more.

Approximately $349.


Eros Tek ET301R & ET302R remote control power boxes

==> Do not use above the waist!

  • ET301R (top right) has one channel
  • ET302R (middle right) has two channels
  • Both have built-in microphones to enable triggering via voice, moans, etc. and are controlled by a keychain remote (bottom right) with selectable intensity.

Approximately $369.

ET330 replacement remote for ET301R and ET302R

Folsom PSG-MAX

==> Do not use above the waist! (See Bipolar Contact Clips exception, further below.)

This unit is good for piggies and for its random setting, though it doesn't have the nuances of the P.E.S. Power Box

Approximately $350.

PSG-MAX power box

Acrylic buttplugs from P.E.S. and Folsom
(P.E.S. products shown; dual electrode attachments.)
(Note: P.E.S. also has Electro-Flex™ buttplugs made from a conductive silicone elastomer.)

Approximately $150 each (small, medium, large).

acrylic buttplugs

Anal Tubular from P.E.S.
(a single electrode attachment)

"specifically designed to deliver the stimuli to precise areas within the anal and rectum regions. The Anal Tubular Electrode is the perfect electrode for those who are not normally anally active."

Approximately $59.95.

firm but flexible conductive band on colorful base

Prostate Stimulator from P.E.S.
(a single electrode attachment)

Approximately $129.95.

chrome ball at end of rubbery stalk with colorful yellow and purple base

Folsom Insertable Electrode and Mr. S Leather Silver Bullet
(a single electrode attachment)

Approximately $69.

chrome bullet-looking electrode with lead out

ElectroPlug, only from Mr. S Leather
(a dual electrode attachment -- read description below)

"The butt plugs are wired two-pole, with positive side on large part of the plug and the negative pole on the base of the butt plug. The sensation is fantastic especially at the opening where the most nerve endings are located. Slip the comfortable plug into your butt, plug it into an electric box, and feel your butt hum!" Sounds delicious.

Approximately $145-165 each

heavy chrome electrode and base, with soft rubber area for in-between spot, and a lead that extends beyond the base

Flexi Ball (1" ball) from Mr. S Leather and FlexProbe from sextek
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $99.

chrome ball with semi-rigid lead to aid in positioning just right...

Electro-FlexTM band from P.E.S., E-Band from sextek, and Electro Band from Mr. S Leather
(P.E.S. single electrode unit shown. Single and dual electrode devices available from the other two vendors.)

$35 each ($49/pair) for single electrode configuration.
$40 each for dual electrode configuration.

Comments: I'd buy a pair of these rather than the inflexible Folsom cockrings shown further below, because their leads can snap off.

flexible conductive bands

Testicle Tubular from P.E.S.
(a single electrode device)

"...designed to conform to the soft tissue mass of the scrotum sack, while at the same time encapsulating each testicle separately."


electrode designed to lay around the testicles

ElectroCup 2 from sextek
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $149.

a blue men's pouch with straps, similar to a jockstrap but with a hole cutout for the penis to come through and electrical coating on back

Acrylic cockrings from Folsom  
(single electrode or double -- a double electrode style is shown)

Approximately $39.95 each (11/4", 11/2", 13/4", 2", 21/4").

Lexan cockring with two separate electrically conductive areas inside

Folsom Electric Cock & Ball Torture Boards

Approximately $199.95.

intense-looking device with many electrical pathways.  Cock and balls are laid under the top, mostly clear, plastic from a hole underneath -- then the top is cinched down

P.E.S. Sparkler and Folsom Electric "Catheters" (P.E.S. unit shown.)
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $59.95.

3 different diameter catheters

Extreme Restraints bipolar urethral sound
(a dual electrode device)

Approximately $74.00.

long, thin, 'urethral sound' with lower and upper halves electrically separated

P.E.S. Deep Throat
(a dual electrode device)

What a beautiful piece of gear. Go to the P.E.S. site to read how cool the configuration options are -- and see it in action with a couple of other pieces of cock gear that look fun, the single electrode Mid Ring and Base Ring!

Approximately $149.95.

P.E.S. Deep Throat

P.E.S. Corona" Cockhead" Stimulator
(a single electrode device)

Approximately $79.95.

PES Corona Cockhead Stimulator

Mr. S Leather Vacuum Electrode Set

Used with most any type of existing vacuum pump. These twin electrodes are designed to attach directly to both channels of any power box with isolated channels.

Approximately $105.

Cool twin nipple vacuums with conductive interiors

Folsom Bipolar Contact Clips

The Bipolar Contact Clips are constructed so that each side of the jaws are electrically isolated from each other. This configuration allows for the electrical signal to pass between whatever is placed between the clips' jaws.

NOTE 1: Folsom had written that "the Bipolar Contact Clips should not be used on the nipples with any source of power EXCEPT the Folsom Electric Company PSG-MAX. The PSG-MAX is the ONLY box designed to operate safely with certain Folsom Electric Company toys on the nipples." [The design is supposed to create a circuit on two sides of one nipple at a time, and then do the same to the other nipple. I am not sure how the left and right are isolated from each other to prevent mishap, however.]

NOTE 2: ErosTek saw the above and added "We would like to point out, however, all our products have fully isolated outputs just like the Folsom Max and are equally as safe as the Max for use above the waist."

NOTE 3: Meanwhile, P.E.S. states "NEVER use any electrodes above the waist. Our research has shown that all electrodes applied to the nipple and breast areas can be dangerous. Whether isolated or non-isolated, ALL electrically stimulated breast electrodes can cause fluctuations in heart rhythm. While many people may experience no difficulties, those with diagnosed or undiagnosed cardiac problems may experience mild to severe complications, including possible death." See the medical TENS page for more discussion.

Approximately $85 for a pair.

bipolar contact clip and its plug-in end

P.E.S. Vaginal Shield and Folsom Vaginal Plate (Folsom unit shown.)
(a dual electrode device)

Approximately $73.95.

displaying conductive bands

side view to also show where electrical leads plug in

more-detailed shot of where electrical leads plug in

P.E.S. Samurai

"The Samurai"
More cool stuff for intense female action.

Approximately $399.95.

PES Samurai

P.E.S. Little Big Man

"a conductive rubber ball connected to a rubber base platform... designed for maximum electro stimulation of the vaginal and clitoral areas"

Approximately $184.95.

P.E.S. Little Big Man

P.E.S. Auto Erotic ChairTM

"...hand-crafted aluminum-titanium chair weighs only 52 pounds and is completely collapsible in minutes... Pneumatic pumps operate the two Electro Stimulative devices that come with the chair, one in front and one from below. ...The Auto Erotic Chair comes complete with the P.E.S. Power Box, two ankle and two wrist leather restraints, anal and vaginal pneumatics, a P.E.S. Vaginal Plug and P.E.S Electro-FlexTM Anal Plug"


an amazing creation

Hand crank generators

The interrogation tool of choice of South American dictators.

This particular variation has combined both a 110 volt generator along the right, and a 170 volt generator along the left, inside one handy carrying case. The top photo shows the exterior where the cranking handles are. The two knobs along the front lip are potentiometers. On the right and left of the back lip are bicolored LEDs that show frequency and intensity for their respective generator. Also along the back lip are two output jacks for each generator. Frequency is controlled by speed of cranking and is indicated by blinking speed of LED. Intensity is controlled by the potentiometer and is indicated by the brightness of the LED.

A shop called "Acme Leather & Toy Company" from Cincinnati offered these at Living in Leather VIII in 1993 for $269.

Hand crank generator exterior

Hand crank generator interior

Cattle prods
Use only shorter 2-3 cell units, more are too intense. Do not use stunners, zappers or tazers, which are high-voltage, high frequency items designed to temporarily immobilize a victim.

Picture not available.


Some electrical presentations I've done