First words spoken in 1997 (with a champagne bottle in my hand): "That's the boyfriend about being the favourite" sue me!

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Welcome to my pages. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know me better, aren't you lucky? Yes you are. Lucky I mean. Why not? I think you are. Really lucky! Nuff said!

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Bookmark this place now... I said NOW! You see, more hot stuff (i.e. more pics of me) will appear in a very near future.

I was born on July 18, 1971. If you haven't figured it out yet (you should leave) I am gay. I live in Malmö, Sweden and I study Marketing at Lund University. I have a cat called Jansson who once almost ate my index finger - ouch! Besides studying, I work at Hotel Mäster Johan (Malmö's finest hotel) and Sparbanken.

You see me out and about, either working out at A&C Aerobic Center or dancing till my head falls off at Slagthuset. In my spare time you'll probably find me chatting at RFSL - Swedish gay site.

So why am I making this page? I know that I have a pretty sick sense of humour and I think it's my obligation to share it with you. You'll find a lot of sick stuff here and if you need more I highly recommend a visit at Hasta la table.

Are you in love with me yet? Of course you are (silly me, that question was totally uncalled for). So now is a good time to fill out my boyfriend application form and you could get really lucky tonight!

If you for some reason aren't sure whether to fill in the application or not, go to this page and read all the fabulous things that some guys have written about me in their applications.

Unfortunately I cannot reply to anyone with a hotmail address since all my messages to these addresses get coded.

Do you want to see me naked? Click here!
Do you want to see my friends naked? Well, you can't, but I do have some pix of us with clothes on.
Here's a side of me few have had the misfortune to meet: Go to my Inga page

Here's Christine's 5 minutes of fame: Christine's Corner - the coolest site on the web (*giggle* - this is Christine writing)

Gay bashers: Mind your own business or go to hell!

Practice safe sex!

Have an open mind!

He's an asshole but he's my friend so I made this page for him anyway
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