"Father thank you for my path and the ability to help my earthbound brothers and sisters to see a New Light."
I don't believe in coincidences, there is a reason for everything under the son. There is a reason for you being here, may you find what you are seeking. If nothing else, may you find that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing. Just as I AM in building this site.
Let me introduce myself. I am Michael w.g., 42 born december 3,1963
I am a sagitarian male, and a very intense one to say the least. You may read the sagittarian outline here. I believe that just as sailors navigate the open seas, we may also navigate our oceans with the help of the stars.

I have been rather fortunate in knowing what was meant for me in a divine way. Just knowing it is time to open up and build this site from my higher thoughts of who i am, and what are my intentions here.

My Philosophy
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Why I AM Here
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"ONE UNIVERSE", a cell among many,
"OUR PLANET", a cell within a cell,
"OUR PEOPLE", a cell alive,
because of cells.... inside of cells...
inside of cells...

"Know", this vehicle accumulates knowledge,
Awaiting release, growth a complete,
"METEMORPHOSIS", we see it everyday.
(i.e.. the catapillar to a butterfly)

Intellect, Power,Energy-Spirit...
Shedding Skins to arrive a new day,
A New Beginning, A New Phase,

We dream of Eternity and Everlasting Life...
"Look Back"... This is only a "step",
You have always been "EVERLASTING!"

You can't live "FOREVER",

This truth was brought through me on
January 29th 1998
1/29/1998 = 1+11+27 = 39 =12=3 Go Figure
It came to three (3)


MY Intro :Summary of my past
MY first posting at yahoo groups metagifted.

AA Michaels Soul Family

I took the aura colors test, it was 100% on the money !
My Aura Colors Test Results

My Book Of Dream Writings
from Starseed Junction

Inspiration My Sister Shared with Me
Astrology Readings
Short Reading

12 Houses of the Zodiac

Michael Name Outline
Name Numbers Reading
My Personal Name Number Reading

Get Your Own Personal Reading
I Will Do it FREE
>>> with one condition <<<

stereo typing is an ignorant attempt by people who are
judgmental and lack spiritual confidence.


Judgement of the Living Text
Judge not, lest you be judged !

My Past Bodily Wounds
If you can't handle it, don't read it !!!

Enough is Enough !

Michaels choice
Attitude is everything !

A matter of faith ?
This was the start of my blog.

Majic Carpet
automatic writing

Below are some tapes that I made for my numerology site. The site is no more, however I saved the text and I thought I would share them here incase they were needed.

Introduction Mystic Michael  read tape 01  read
tape 02  read
tape 03  read
tape 04  read

My Homestead Pictures Gallery

What I saw
My OUT of Body Experiences have been many.

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