About Furby: An Overview


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Furbys are electronic toys made by the ever-popular toy company, Tiger Electronics, Ltd. Furbys were originally created by an inventor named Dave Hampton in the early 1990s, and then sold to Tiger Electronics. Furbys can dance, wiggle their ears, blink their eyes, communicate with other Furbys and Furby Babies, eat, talk, and more. Furbys can play three unique games with you. Furbys have a large vocabulary and can say many phrases. They require four AA batteries. When you first get a Furby, it will speak Furbish, its "native" language, but it will gradually start to speak English as it is interacted with more and more. However, a Furby will continue to intermix Furbish words in with English from that time on. Most of my Furbys were speaking English after a bit more than one hour of play.

Furbys retail at $29.99, but can be found at various prices. I myself bought one for $14.99 at a huge sale of Graduation Furbys at the former Brainplay.com (recently merged with Kay-Bee Toys to form www.kbkids.com)! Target averages around $27.99, Toys "R" Us at $29.99, and KB Toys marked down from a whopping $39.99 to $29.99 in 1999.

Available Languages:
Aside from English and Furbish, there are Furbys that can speak Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, and German! Of course, these languages aren't all incorporated into one Furby. Each Furby will only speak it's one language and Furbish. You can find "International" Furbys at Tiger Electronics' online store at www.tigertoys.com and on at www.ebay.com

Available Colors:
Furbys come in many fur patterns -- too many to list in fact! Furbys can have four eye colors: green, blue, brown, and gray. Together, these bring many possible combinations! PLEASE NOTE: In newer Furbys from the six series and up, there are five new colors that are intermixed with the old eye colors. The new colors are: purple, silver, a brighter brown, a brighter green, and a new blue.

Furby Rumors:
Furby, a potential spy!?
Lots of people ask why his or her Furby hasn't said their name. When Furbys first came out, people thought they could record words and phrases after the government banned Furbys from places where "important" information could be taken. In actuality, a Furby will never ever repeat any word it has not been programmed to say. If it sounds like it is repeating a word you have tried to get it to repeat, it's simply saying a phrase in Furbish!

Rare Furbys?
For the sake of argument, there are two "rare" Furbys. These are the Hi-C Furby, which was only given out during a promotion to people who got the winning game piece inside their Hi-C fruit drink packages, (5,000 available) and the KC Furby, which was recently awarded to folks who bought several microwavable TV-dinners. While certain regular Furbys have been said to be "rare", this is not so. All regular series Furbys have been made in massive numbers. Eventually, even hard-to-find Furbys, such as the newest series, will wind up in stores everywhere.

Recording Furbys?
Nope. Furbys are unable to record your voice. As I said above in "Furby, a potential spy!?", the government banned Furbys from governmental places in fear that they could record. Even if you sat for hours each day repeating a word over and over again, your Furby will not repeat the word. A Furby's vocabulary is limited to what is is programmed to say and cannot be taught new vocabulary. The actual Furby has no recording device in it.

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