20k Leagues

Michael Caine

This is by far my favourite movie version of "20,000 Leagues". Michael Caine was brilliant as Captain Nemo. I honestly didn't think he would be able to give James Mason a run or even come close, but he did! Mr. Caine - you were superb!! I liked the way that Pierre had more depth to his character - the conflict with his father was a wonderful addition to making him a more interesting individual. I liked Patrick Dempsey in this role and thought he did a great job. Hopefully, someday I will get clearance from Village Roadshow to put up a fansite/dedication to this terrific movie. For those who have not read the Verne novel, here is another online version of it. This document is on one page instead of several pages.

The pictures of the Nautilus (below) were given to me by the model company who make the model for the movie. They did an excellent job on the model. Thank you David Tremont and the ModelSmiths for the great pictures! This is by far my favourite version of the Nautilus. I love it! Here is another excellent picture of the ship.

A League of His Own is an interview with Michael Caine. It is a pretty good interview which covers a variety of topics including his role as Captain Nemo.

Here are a few of the myriads of pictures I have from this movie...

Here are some fansites dedicated to Michael Caine: Fansites and Michael Caine

Movies based on the novel
20k Leagues - James Mason
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20k Leagues - 1916


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