Weird Freaky Deformed People!!!


Here we have a real freak, a real product of the system. This thing must have crawled out of the sewer looking for food. It goes by the name of CARMEN BYRD. This picture was taken when IT got too close to the camera man, never did find the camera man though. What a shame.... If you see this creature run, run as fast as you can. See IT full Size  (Good Halloween Scare)     OR     EMAIL IT!!!!!

Here we have Adolf Hitler, He needz no introduction....Killed Jewish People In Germany-A real sicko. But doesn't even compare to what was seen earlier. Unfortunetly, Hitler DOEZ NOT have an email address.

The Face of pure evil. Death Itself. It's Marilyn Manson. Scary, but not as scary as CARMEN BYRD!!!!!!!!! AGhhhhhhhhhh!

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Now I've seen the face of evil. These Kids are downright disgusting at best. Not as bad as CARMEN BYRD though.

Thats's It! Hope You Learned alot through this trip of weirdness!
Oh, and send your freinds here for Halloween!


Dustin Thomas

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