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Damas is a very strong freeware Checkers/Draughts program! You will need to be a very good player to beat Damas. It comes with different playing strength levels plus the two-player level, you can set up positions and save games. It's fast and easy to use. I can assure you that Damas is a good choice for practicing your game and having fun. Unfortunately Damas99 is getting old and I'm not planning to update it soon.

download damas
Download (167KB) from geocities or triplejump

Martin Fierz has written a great checkers program, CheckerBoard. Actually, CB is more than a checkers program, he's turned it into a checkers interface that can use various engines. You can even write your own engine and take advantage of the interface! His engine is called Cake++, it uses endgame databases! I really like CB =)
If you want to write your own checkers program then it would be good to read source code and to study the minimax algorithm, it will help you understand the way a computer can play a game like checkers. The most used algorithm is called Minimax, there are many further improvements to this algorithm. Well, you will be able to find a simple checkers C source code in the Martin Fierz's Home Page. It might be a starting point if you want to write your own checkers program, you will also find a page on strategy game programming which explains general concepts.
I also have a C++ simple checkers game with source code, although the move generator is slower than the Martin's. I've compiled it under Linux and under Windows. Download

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