John Denver Photo Gallery
John's Sweet Rocky Mountain Paradise
570 Johnson Drive, Starwood, Aspen, CO
And here we are...
Starwood in Aspen,
Kay, also known as

Can I tell you I'm happy to be here,
To share and consider this time,
For I see here the shadows of changes,
And a feeling of new friends to find,
And I see here some new friends to find.

"Starwood In Aspen"
- John Denver, 1971
It's a long way from L. A.  to Denver,
It's a long time to hang in the sky,
It's a long way home to Starwood in Aspen
The sweet Rocky Mountain paradise.
Oh, my sweet Rocky Mountain paradise.
I think on my lady's sweet memory,
I think on my children's sweet smiles,
I think on my home at Starwood in Aspen,
All my friends and the snow covered hills,
Oh, my friends are the snow covered hills.
Springtime is rollin' 'round slowly,
Gray skies are bringin' me down
Can't remember when I've ever been so lonely,
I forgot what  it's like to be home,
Can't remember what it's like to be home.
<<<The breathtaking view from John's deck.
It's no wonder he called it his

"Sweet Rocky Mountain Paradise."
Two of John's 13 horses.
Master Bedroom
Another pool view
Living room
Wet bar
This photograph of Starwood was taken by my friend Alan last winter.  If you'd like to see some of his pictures of Williams Lake, click here.
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John's home.