Sexuality Survey in Islamabad and Rawalpindi



First of all me (Azeema) and my co-researcher and coauthor Atif Ikram would like to thank all the volunteer interviewers and the respondents who readily agreed to participate in this highly sensitive research study. And, of course we cannot forget the universities which allowed us to carry on the study with their students.


As we all know that currently our country is at the mouth of a AIDS/hepatitis epidemic and we all need to take measures to build defense against these diseases. And, of course, we all know that AIDS and Hepatitis B and C could be transmitted though unsafe sexual contact, apart from many other mechanisms like blood, body fluids etc. Moreover, we do not need to emphasize and reiterate the fact here that unsafe sexual practices, outside the marriage is present in the general population, and with the passage of modernization and changes in life styles, it is increasing, more so among the young people.


This study was done primarily to gauge the above mentioned issues. The analysis shows that roughly one third of the respondents conceded to the fact that they were involved in sexual activity, either with a sex worker (male/female) or a partner from the mainstream population (male/female). Given the fact that many of these young people are not fully aware of the health consequences of casual sex, it is imperative that sex education (or for that matter sexually transmitted disease education) be imparted in college and university level.


The findings were presented in the annual conference of the Population Association of Pakistan, in December 2004. Please see the links below for the paper and the questionnaire:



Sexuality Paper in PDF format (136 KB)


Sexuality Paper in MSWord format (154 KB)



Sexuality Questionnaire in PDF format (248 KB)


Sexuality Questionnaire in MSWord format (199 KB)



Well, you people might be thinking that what is the use the research apart from the paper presented in a conference. But, that is not the case, we would ideally like to advocate for imparting information on sexually transmitted infections to young people. At the moment we are not doing anything about that, just spreading the message through word of mouth and presentations etc. But inshallah, once we have enough clout and resources we will do ‘something’ about it!!!!



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